View Full Version : nightlife for italian males....

July 21st, 2006, 06:25 PM
As i anticipated, i'll move there, and there is already the long queue of friends wanting to come to NY and have fun.

Which are the place where 30yo, italian males can have fun in the evening and see something different? did you already open a thread about it?

more generally, how is the nightlife-dating-flirting experience in NYC?
I mean, in Milan you have what they call "aperitivo": you go to bar soon out of the office, you can drink and even eat cheaply. You can find there a lot of girls. Everything ends at around 21,30.

What about NY? do you go to discos? pubs? else? or you meet women just in the street (very rare in Italy, where people are not so talkative, and women do not even think to start to talk)?

I am not a disco-addicted, and if you suggest some discos probably i will visit for the first time with my friends, even if i live in ny. But they will expect I already know which are the best place to go....
thanks in advance