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August 29th, 2006, 11:05 PM
here is a fascinating history lesson about baseball though. Cooperstown being named as the "Birthplace of Baseball" is based on a legend or better yet a lie!

Albert Spalding, played for the Chicago White Stocking original name of current Chicago Cubs from 1876-1878 and later started modern day Spalding Sporting Goods, was in Delmonico's sitting over drinks and large dinner in Lower Manhattan after a rousing a victory with his club team in 1907 and declared that baseball is America's game and that we invented it and no other game is similar in his fit of joy. Well there was a young reporter there who said that how can you say that when the game came from rounders and cricket. Well Spalding, in an effort not to be shown up, created the little white lie that has reverberated through baseball history. He said that its impossible because he saw his friend, Abner Doubleday, playing it in 1839 in his hometown of Cooperstown, NY. Then a commision was lead in 1907 to find otu if the game was realy American and the appointed head of it was Spalding and he still held by his claim. Many problems with this account:

1. Doubleday's family left Cooperstown in 1837 and during 1839 Doubleday was in West Point Academy so for him to be playing baseball in Cooperstown he would be listed as AWOL which his records show he never was.

2. This honor was bestowed upon Doubleday 14 years after his death, so the man never knew he even founded a game in a place he no longer lived.

So a big stink came about in 1939 on the supposed "100th anniversary" of baseball, the descendents of Alexander Cartwright, who wrote the rules of the game and invented the modern day game, said that he wrote the rules and that the first game was played at Hoboken's Elysian Fields in 1846 with the New York Knickerbockers and New York Nine. Cartwright was a member of the Knickerbockers and then he started the Nines. Knickerbockers were more experienced team with many championships and the Nines were upstarts. Nines won 23-1. The Elysian Fields were used because there were no suitable fields in New York at the time and the first game under the modern day rules that Cartwright wrote and the first between two teams occurred on June 19th, 1846. The old rules were that the teams batted till lineups got through, the outfield was a free-for-all with as many as a dozen fielders fight for the ball, there were no 3 outs, the pitcher has to throw underhand and put it in the middle of the plate so the batter could get a perfect hit (talk about gentlemen's game), and the runner could be soaked i.e. throw the ball at the runner to get him out. So Cartwright's rules changed those rules to the modern game today. Also the bats weren't regulated they could be as a huge or small as the player wanted.

This is why Cartwright is the Hall of Fame and not Doubleday because the Hall of Fame recognized the fact that Cartwright invented the game and not Doubleday. So Hoboken is the birthplace of modern day baseball!!

August 30th, 2006, 01:18 AM
Hmm, I always thought some guy was drunk and thought, "What the hell" and said "Hey! Let me see if I can hit this ball with this stick! Throw it at me!" Next thing you know. Yankees won 26 World Series, Bonds is on the juice, and hundreds of guys now have a reason to touch themselves on TV. :D