View Full Version : looking for family past and present some maybe still in usa

September 3rd, 2006, 07:26 PM
can any one help me in the search to locate any living relatives that maybe still in the us
Found Thomas J. in 1900 Census

District 452, Manhattan, New York Co., New York
126 West 63rd Street
Thomas J. Clements, b. Dec. 1871, 28 yrs., married 7 years, b. Ireland, Parents b. Ireland, 1892 to US, In US 8 years, papers filed for citizenship, occ. Janitor-Rents

Elizabeth J., b. May 1871, 29 yrs., married 7 years, one child/one child living, b. Ireland, Parents b. Ireland, to US 1890, in US 10 yrs.,

Margaretta, daughter, b. April 1898, New York, Parents. b. Ireland, 2 yr

For 1910 census this is what I found: Judy
Dist 1362, Manhattan, NY Co., NY (over 12 family apartment)
544 West 50th Street, Line 45

Elizabeth J., Head, 39 yrs., first marriage, married 13 years, four children/two living, b. Ireland, Parents b. Ireland, 1889 to U.S., Rents

Elizabeth J. daughter (looks like 6 years, very hard to read), 6 yrs. (??), b. New York
(Census taker may have just repeated mother's name instead of using Margaretta, they are apt to make a lot of mistakes)

Thomas J., son, 9 yrs., b. New York
(unable to locate lin 1920 census)

The names below came from the Italian genealogy site (they include all people in their databases, not just those of Italian heritage). These are the names I found between 1900 and 1910 that "might" be the two deceased children of Eliz. J. & Thomas Clements, if you think the above 1910 census records is your Eliz. Not sure what happened to Margaretta can't find her either