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September 9th, 2006, 01:11 PM
Hi guys, wondered if you can help. I am goin to New York on 20th December with my sister and staying till Christmas Eve. 1st time to New York and i wanna do as much and see as much as possible! I have booked tickets for the Christmas Spectacular broadway show in Radio City Music hall but thats about all i have planned. I know im not there for long so i dont want to waste any time. Trying to arrange some kind of itinerary before i go so i get to do as much as i can. I want to do the usual tourist attractions, ice skating in central park, horse and carraige, ice rink at rockerfella centre, statue of liberty, shopping etc. can you tell me the best way to plan all this and the best things and 'must do' things in the short space of time that i have? I am staying in the Affinia Manhattan hotel. Thank you!! :) x x

September 13th, 2006, 08:49 AM
cumon someone must have 2mins to reply to this!!

September 13th, 2006, 09:08 AM
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September 13th, 2006, 09:54 AM
1. Central Park/Skating. Rockefeller Center may be too crowded and touristy unless you go at an off hour, so consider a day/half-day walking or carriaging around Central park with an hour of skating at Wollman Rink (Central Park) also gets big crowds, but is a much bigger rink.

2. Shopping. If you're looking for the nostalgic Christmas experience you should probably visit Macy's on 34th St. 5th Avenue shops (in the 50's) will also be decked out. SoHo has great shopping too.

3. Museum. Pick one of the great ones (Natural History, the Met, MoMA, Guggenheim) and spend a half-day or longer there.

4. Statue of Liberty tours may be closed in the winter... check online.

5. Broadway. You mentioned you have Radio City tickets.

6. Wander. If the weather is bearable consider wandering a section of the City (Wall Street, Greenwich Village, Grammercy Park, Midtown, Upper East Side, Upper West Side, etc.) and finding some of its hidden gems .

Also, stop by Grand Central Station - a classic NYC experience.

Have a great trip.

September 13th, 2006, 10:46 AM
here is my suggestion- I have not been here yet but if I were going around the time you are this is what I would do.
Unsure which day the christmas musical thing was so please addd it in

Day 1 (20th)
You arrive on this day (an exact time would allow for better planning)
It is best to do short activities that are active- like Brooklyn Bridge, because if you have been stuck on a plane for 2-8 hours sitting down and watching a play etc is too much.

Day 2 (21st)
Central Park-Its free, might have snow and will most probs be kitted out with decorations.
Then you could go for the horse and carridge ride then.
Since it will be cold I suggest you head somwhere warm afterwards.

Day 3 (23rd)
Go to see the Big xmas-Tree in the Rockafeller center
Then you can go Ice Skating (in the same place)
Then you could go on the 'Top of the Rock tour'- which is apparently better than the ESB.
Afterwards head somwhere christmassy that does punch etc for a meal
Go to a pretty church or cathedral at night and listen to carol singing.

Day 4 (24th)
Last day and arguably the most Christmassy.
I vote and no doubt others will disagree (due to huge crowds) that you go christmas shopping. I love 2 go christmas shopping at the last min it somtimes feels more magical. But again if you are traveling back on this day and you have a long journey i would suggest moving this to the day before.

I did not fillthe days to much as travel can take out a hge chunk on the day (when i am due to visit i leave at 7am :( )

Hope this is of some use

Lucy, Glasgow ghirl!
November 9th, 2006, 11:51 AM
Hi Heather

Just like yourself, I am visiting NYC in December (6th to 11th).

This will be my first time in NYC and i cant wait, Very excited.

Me and a friend are going and we have booked alot of things. We bought the two day new york pass and bus, http://www.newyorkpass.com/grayline.asp
look good as you get to all the main attraction free (after you buy the pass). You also get dicounts at the main shopping malls and some stores.

We also booked the sex and the city tour, that looks brilliant. http://www.nyc.com/guided_tours/Sex_and_the_City_Tour.76209/editorial.aspx

Defo gona go to central park ice skating and china town, little italy, greenwich village.

Would love to go to some type of sport but i see most of them are closed for the winter season and the others seem very expensive. So think i will give that a miss.

Mind your hat, scarf and gloves.

Have a fab time!

Lucy x.