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October 5th, 2006, 06:40 PM
Editor Leyna Inberg

As the weather cools down and the days become shorter, I’m getting excited for another autumn in the city. Who wouldn’t love a season filled with pumpkin pie, hayrides, and the fabulous Halloween Parade?

I should introduce myself. Hello, Wired New York Newsletter readers! I’m Leyna, and along with writing some articles for the site (I’m in charge of the Top 5 lists) I’ll be in charge of the newsletter. I’m still tweaking the format and would love to know what you think. Any comments, suggestions, or event submissions should be sent to me.

I’ve filled the October Edition with tons of ways to make sure you enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold, but also included some free (or very inexpensive) indoor activities, too. Enjoy the weather and make sure to check back at Wired New York for updates!

New on Wired New York -----------------------------------------

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Flickr – fantastic photo sharing and discussion site - now has Wired New York group, see the pictures at

The release of new designs for three World Trade Center skyscrapers - at the beginning of September – produced excited discussion at Wired New York.
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October Events in New York ------------------------------------

Open house New York
Oct 7-8, All 5 Boroughs, FREE
Each year, hundreds of buildings open their doors to the public for free entry.
openhousenewyork.org (http://openhousenewyork.org/)

Columbus Day Parade
Oct 9, 11:45-3 PM
Begins at 5th Ave and 44th St
Each year, over 35,000 people take part in this parade that has been organized since 1929.

Various locations across NYC
Sept 29-Nov 2
If the website is any indicator, this haunted house is going to be ghoulish!
$25-$15 depending on date
hauntedhousenyc.com (http://hauntedhousenyc.com/)

Halloween Extravaganza and Procession of the Ghouls
St. John The Divine
Oct 27 7PM and 10PM
Spend a night watching classic horror films and enjoying an interactive parade where costumed ghouls make their way into the audience.
$15 General Admission, $7 Student Discount

Haunted Walk at Prospect Park
Prospect Park
Oct 28, time varies with event, FREE
Kids are guaranteed to love the haunted walk and carnival from 12-3PM. There’s also a haunted carousel from 12-5PM and scary story telling at 2 PM.

The Village Halloween Parade
Begins on 6th Ave and Spring St
October 31st at 7 PM
Enjoy the fabulous and flamboyant characters of the Village. Don’t forget to dress up! FREE

Year Round Ideas ---------------------------------------------

Farmers Market in Union Square
Union Square
Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat 8-6PM
Sample the freshest fruit, vegetables, wine, cakes, pies, and even specialties like goat cheese, bison meat, and pure maple syrup. Prices are great, vendors are friendly, and most of the produce is organically grown.

Freebie of the Month -----------------------------------------

If you’re just visiting or even if you’re a long time New Yorker, you may not know that almost twenty museums offer free entry every day. Why not check one out?

American Folk Art Museum
45 W 53rd St
Tues-Sun 11:30-7:30
Temporary Folk Art exhibitions with a permanent display of portraits, hunting decoys, quilts, and crucifixes.

National Museum of the American Indian
One Bowling Green
10-5, Thursdays 10-8
Traditional and contemporary Native American artwork located in a beautiful building across from Battery Park.

Taipei Gallery
1221 Avenue of the Americas
Mon-Fri 10:30-5:30
Exhibitions of ancient and contemporary Chinese art.

Local Music ------------------------------------------------

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Hammerstein Ball Room

Nassau Coliseum

Social Distortion
Irving Plaza


The Killers
Madison Square Garden
10/24, 10/25

Featured Eats -------------------------------------------------

37 St. Marks Place between 2nd and 3rd Avenue
www.bamfood.com (http://www.bamfood.com/)

Talk about fast food! Bamn’s thirteen “automats” serve hot, cheap, delicious food in vending machine form; Each meal is placed behind clear, plastic windows that unlock once quarters are deposited. Those not prepared can use the change machine inside the shop.
All of Bamn’s coin operated options are under three dollars. The choices cater to cravings sweet and salty; You’ve got dainty triangles of grilled cheese and pb&j, bite sized pizza dumplings and chicken nuggets, hearty teriburgers (teriyaki flavored burgers in beef and chicken varieties), mini donuts, buffalo wings and more. With the low prices and small portions, you’ll want to try everything at this 24 hour East Village gem.

Feedback ------------------------------------------------------
If you have questions, requests, or recommendations, contact me at webmaster@wirednewyork.com

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