View Full Version : Central Park - 14th October Do you know the Cello/Drums Band??

October 24th, 2006, 06:13 PM
I am from the UK and was on vacation in New York a couple of weeks back and am trying to find out the name of a great band/quartet that were playing in Central Park on 14th October around 12pm in between The Mall and Betthesda Fountain.
They played some wonderful songs on Cellos backed up by a great guy playing drums by hand. The band was totally unique and I have never heard anything like it or as good in a long time. Unfortunately we were in a rush so I didn't get chance to buy a CD they were selling. Can anyone help me track down who they are so I can perhaps buy a CD if they have a website or here a few more of there songs on the MySpace site.
It would be great if anyone could help. By chance I took a picture of the band as I was so impressed
Hope someone can help or know of any playlists of artists that day
Thanks Edward