View Full Version : New here! Help plz?!?!

November 9th, 2006, 05:53 AM
Hi everyone! I'm a 19 yo college student here in Morningside Heights. Born in NY, but lived in Jersey my whole life. I have a few questions I was hoping maybe you guys could possibly help me with.

Ok, so... I am really ashamed of myself for not experiencing much of New York has to offer. However, my bf(i'm bi) has decided to move to NYC to be with me and I really want to enjoy it with him. One issue is he's a club/party guy and I never was. Anyone know any good gay bars/clubs in manhattan? Also, are there any that are for below 21... and if not, where can I get a fake ID and is it worth it? Getting caught would really suck!

Also, anyone know much about the better places to move in in Manhattan? He wants to be close, but wants something really nice. I'm sure we'll figure it out but I know New Yorkers have a much better idea of which neighborhoods are best and which to avoid.

Lastly, I know Chelsea and the Village are gay-friendly.. but are there places gay couples should definitely avoid or where they should be extra careful? Anyone know any possible romantic places?

:D I know i've asked a lot.. but any info anyone could provide would be awesome. You guys rock! :cool: