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December 25th, 2006, 09:24 PM
Im currently a senior in the Rochester area considering attending City College. Ive been to the city and love it and think attending college there would be exciting and a much needed change in lifestyle. Could anybody tell me about the college and the surrounding area? What is the neighborhood like? the people? and just the overall view of the college by New Yorkers. Some pictures would also be helpful.


December 28th, 2006, 06:26 PM
The college is cool. It depends on what your major is and what exactly you're doing but I think it offers a pretty good education, much better than the public's view on it. The campus is ok but it depends heavily on whether you live there or not - if not, you're only going to be on the north campus unless you're on a sports team. There used to be a whole community on south campus but CCNY in its usual intelligent decisionmaking demolished most of the buildings there in the 80s and it's been mostly empty since.

The area differs depending again on which campus you're talking about. The area bordering the north campus I find very interesting and dare I say, fun to be in, at least on the avenues. Elephantsh*tload of stores of all kinds, restaurants, and people. Quadrawhoosiemegabilliontrillionthousandgagillions of people. You're never alone on Broadway from 137th to 147th (I haven't often gone further) except at 3:30 AM or so.

The area around the south campus is a bit different... to the east there is no area, it's a park and cliff. To the south and west it can get a bit dicey. Can't go too far west actually as the streets end in a wall of projects up until 133rd or so. The south is ok if you stay alert and use common sense, and try not to be there late at night. I would recommend however never to enter St. Nicholas Park to the east unless it's the 132nd Street entrance in daytime. The most problems happen in and around the park.

I have a few million pictures that I'll post eventually. Some of the buildings on the campus are incredible (the neogothic ones).

December 29th, 2006, 10:54 AM
Thanks allot Gulcrapek, Im planning to major in civil engineering. Your post was very helpful. Any idea what an aparment would cost and any good areas to look? The student housing is around $1000 a month for shared living space so Im thinking an apartment would be a better option.

December 31st, 2006, 12:26 AM
Yeah. I live in the dorm and it's not quite worth $1075/mo. You could check with student services for nearby housing, that's how I found the place I had last year. $700/mo for a 12'x15' room in a brownstone, not bad at all. Carmelo Rodriguez is proably the right person to contact.

I would say look no further south than 135th Street and not much further north than 150th.

December 31st, 2006, 03:59 PM
Random neighborhood moment: dog walking man