View Full Version : [Request] New York Photos

January 10th, 2007, 04:36 PM

I am a 3D modeller and am currently working on a project for GTA San Andreas, this project will replace almost all content of the original game me and a small international team want to replace the map with New York City, not all, for now we are just planing on making lower and mid Manhattan.

We are aiming for a very detailed 3D models and map, for this we need a huge amount of pictures for reference and textures, there are a good amount of photos already on the web but when we want some precise photos of a building or a street we don't find any or they are in a very small resolution which doesn't help us.

Am requesting photos from different locations of the city that might be used in reference for 3D modelling or for texturing models.

This is our current map plans.

I am currently working on the Financial district and its a part of NY that needs an huge amount of effort and resources to recreate it on 3D models, the map is being created using Google Earth for reference.

Any pictures that you guys might have or find will be a huge help because since we don't live in NY we don't have the possibility to take photos or even visit some places. A few months back we had a guy from New Jersey working for us as a photographer and resource gather for the rest of the team, we need allot of buildings photos and street level.

We are looking for a photographer that can take pictures of NY to help the project if you are interested in filling that position just contact me trough one of these contacts. Thanks in advance.