View Full Version : Does the Air Dumidifier Make Sense/Necessary for the residents of South Brooklyn?

January 22nd, 2007, 02:52 PM
I would like to buy the air humidifer for my parents, but I am wondering whether they should use it or not. They live on Brighton Beach in Brooklyn - about 200 yards from the Boardwalk and the ocean. So, most of the year (I guess except very cold days in the winter), the air is very humid already.

I guess when the heat is on (they live in an old apartment building with steam batteries) and the temperatures come down outside, the humidifier can serve a purpose.

Do you people use air humidifiers at home? What is a good/healthy humidity level?


January 22nd, 2007, 03:03 PM
Humidifiers are good in the winter. No matter how humid it is outside when it is cold, the relative humidity changes when the temperature goes up, but the actual moisture amount remains the same.

I would recommend it, but it is difficult to say what would be the best level. Too low and it does nothing, too high and you will get mold spores and other things growing (and your chips/crackers will not last an hour if left open! ;) )

I would do a quick Google to see what a good level would be....