View Full Version : Favourite PS1/2/3 games! Beware: Very Random Content

March 28th, 2007, 09:53 PM
I don't know how many of you adults out there play video games, but anyway...

my favourite Playstation 1 game is Alfred Chicken! It's just so random... you are Alfred Chicken, who is a chicken, and you go around levels made of cheese collecting diamonds and jumping on trampolines. My friend gave me a free copy and I'm just standing there going "Okay..."

For Playstation 2, my favourites would probably be Spider-Man 2 (I love New York and the sensation of swinging around NYC as Spider-Man and climbing up the ESB is just heaven) and JAWS: Unleashed, which is what I'm playing now. I'm homesick from school and so I got it out to have a bit of fun ;). That's what brought this thread to my mind.

My homestay and I are actually making a 2D Jaws game, where you actually play as Jaws, like in Unleashed. It's really cool, you can ACTUALLY eat things... with blood included.

I may put it online and post it up here sometime :)

So... adults, I leave it up to you. You heard from the 12-year-old... now reply!!

Just so you know, I am VERY demanding when I have to be. VERY demanding. So reply. :mad:

Have a nice day :D