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July 2nd, 2007, 06:37 PM
first of all i have been reading some questions and answers and i would just like to say i think it is excellent how friendly and helpful you all are.:)
i am moving to a quite town 2 hours north of new york city, i will be working for a family there, looking after their kennels and dogs basically. im only 18 and as it is quite quiet, and not working with anyone and not going to college, im a bit worried about making friends and what to do in my spare time, what do you think?
also i will be on a very low wage, but i do not have to worry about accomadation, food or anything like that, all my money is really for anything i want. i wasn't really worried about money but a lot of people have said the cost of living is very expensive. i was hoping to put a bit of money away for when i get back to england. but now a bit concerned i will not even be able to afford to get my hair cut.:confused: he he. so is the cost of things out there a lot more then here?
one more thing are there many horse riding schools out there? i used to ride a while ago and would like to get back into it.
thank you

July 3rd, 2007, 01:59 PM

It would help if you said where you are moving to, or at least, the county, as things (and prices) vary by county. I am assuming that since you will be 2 hours from the city in a quiet town, that you will be in Dutchess or Columbia Counties. That being said, prices are much cheaper than the city, especially in Columbia County. Dutchess County tends to be much more expensive. Both Counties, depending on location, are very rural (and very dark at night!) You should get by just fine since you won't have to worry about room and boarding. As for finding friends, again, that's going to depend on what town you are in. Depending on where you are, there is no public transportation.