View Full Version : Department of Buildings Grants Certificate of Occupancy to Overbuilt Building

July 26th, 2007, 12:59 PM
A new apartment building at 2384 Ocean Avenue which has a building permit for 6 stories was constructed with 7 stories--but it got a C of O anyway! If you look at the CO Number 301641828F, go to page 2. Floors 001 thru 006 look fine except that 006 says "LOWER LEVEL OF 2 CLASS 'A' DUPLEX APTS."

Now, look above the entry for 001, with the floor label MEZ, it says "UPPER LEVEL OF 2 CLASS 'A' DUPLEX APTS." That is the seventh floor. Clearly not a legal structure.

There are three other new structures on Ocean Avenue Between Aves. S & T which are overbuilt by 1 story. Guess the builders decided to see if the DOB would blink. They did.

Does this mean the zoning code has been broken and there is nothing residents can do?

July 26th, 2007, 04:25 PM
Is the top floor setback from the rest of the building? It's known as a penthouse floor and is perfectly legal.