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August 20th, 2007, 08:31 PM
From the fertile soil of lunacy that New York is famous for has sprung a new weed--Jimmie Justice.It seems that the internet came along just in time to publicize the City's latest exccentricity,currently in full bloom at "Youtube".
(...to avoid teasers,go immediately to Youtube and type in "Jimmie Justice").

I was lazing in front of the TV yesterday,watching some talking head interview a guy who has made it his mission to seek out and film New York's Finest in the act of breaking the traffic laws.
He had a beard,and Crazy Eyes.
He had some major issues with NYPD and the rest of New York City's municipal employees who get away with stuff that the ordinary Joe would get busted for.
I came alert when some clips were shown of him calling out parking and U-turn violations (and other against-the-law-except-for-cops situations) on the officers themselves while taping the whole encounter.

I think that everyone secretly harbors the desire to go face-to-face with a cop at times,but this guy actually goes out,looks for moments of opportunity where cops--or garbagemen,or inspectors--are in clear violation of some law,then he turns on the camera,goes for the hassle and does it.
Apparently,he has had a bunch of parking tickets and towjobs and has butted heads with the police a lot,always losing.So this is some heavy payback.

Naturally,I hit the 'net and watched four or five of his clips.They are hilarious.He sees a Traffic Enforcement car blocking a hydrant and the driver(who REALLY needs to learn more about obesity) is in a deli buying calories.As he begins taping,you see fire engines pull up.
When she emerges,he is all over her,his camera filming as he gets way inside her personal space,confronting the officer about illegally parking in front of a hydrant--as more fire engines roll up across the street!!

Wow!!! Parked in front of a hydrant as a fire burns--you or I would be fleeing for our existence.The T.E. officer,obviously caught in a trap,did everything possible to get the hell away as quickly as as she could,but he was blocking her getaway,like he was papparazzi to a corpulent Paris Hilton.

He trys a bit too hard for a response;maybe he is looking for a "cop goes beserk" clip that he can post after he gets out of Belleview,but he gets some noteworthy responses from ths cops he's trying to bait.They are actually well-trained on how to deal with assholes.Thumbs up to NYPD.
But,they ARE actually breaking the law,something even Municipal employees just cannot do.They do it all the time.So who the hell is going to ticket a police car parked in front of a hydrant?
A cop?

Jimmie Justice would if he could.Instead,he tapes them and shows the world what New York's crazy people are actually capable of if you would only give them a chance--and a camera.And a cigarette.

These clips are laugh-out-loud funny.

August 22nd, 2007, 10:40 AM
I just went back and checked,and there are a LOT of Jimmie Justice videos posted.I didn't realize he was so prolific.

I'd recommend "Who Watches Them? as the definitive JJ intro,but yesterday I watched every one of them and got a few fresh laughs,so I'd suggest watching all of them.
In for a penny,in for a pound.Call in sick and spend the day at Youtube,enriching your intellect.

??? ...why was I moved? This is news,people.