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November 28th, 2007, 09:42 AM
hi there i am stopping at jfk airport for 4 hours in 2 weeks i just want to know when landing at jfk airport what can i see ? will i be able to see statue of liberty ? will i see empire state building ? can sombody tell me what i will see when landing at jfk thankyou.

November 28th, 2007, 10:50 AM
You won't be able to see anything from the airport. Depending on the direction your plane flies in from, you might be able to see the Empire State Building from the air.

November 28th, 2007, 10:52 AM
thankyou for that

Optimus Prime
November 28th, 2007, 10:54 AM
Yep, depends what direction you're flying from. When I flew back to JFK from Montreal we actually flew straight over Manhattan, but your route will vary. ;)

November 29th, 2007, 04:45 PM
Can you not see a very distant Manhattan skyline if you travel from terminal-to-terminal on the monorail?

November 29th, 2007, 05:24 PM
What's happening with Saarinen's TWA Terminal?