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The Benniest
December 3rd, 2007, 11:29 PM
Simple question...

If you have viewed my photography thread in the Photography & Travel forum, you may understand that I have a passion for the subject and would love to continue it after college. After a two-year program at a community college, I'd want to move to New York City and further my career to a whole new level. My question is, do photographers and/or graphic designers make it in New York City?

I've viewed the Moving to New York thread over and over and each time I find another post about apartment costs. I think I saw one that was like $40,000 a year for a simple apartment shared with a roommate. Jez christ... :confused: Does anyone know how much photographers make annually?

Also, what types of career categories make it in the city? If I were not to do photography for the rest of my life, but still wanted to live in NYC, what career would you guys suggest I go into?

Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!