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December 30th, 2007, 02:20 PM
This is actually my first post in this forum. I have been reading on this website for a about a year now. I'm a single asian male in my early 30 thirties and lived in Los Angeles for 4 years and just recently moved back to Michigan over the past labor day weekend this past September. I attended bartending school and currently bartending in my local area. I have lived and grew up in Michigan most of my life and not staying here any longer. So I'm planning to move to New York City in July/August next year in 2008, Selling my car and saving about $5,000. So I should have about $9,000 total in my bank account. I also was considering moving to Chicago or San Francisco or else where in the NorthWestern side of the country, but I have a better chance to get a job in the Post Production in TV/Film in NYC. I have visited NYC 6 times and have several friend who live out there from college/highschool. I really don't want to move back to LA where I went to Film school and working at a restaurant for over 2 years and in sales at a mortgage firm in Sherman oaks then got layed off. That is how I end up back in Michigan and currently living with my parents.

So the Question is Where in New York City should I live Brooklyn, Queens or even in Hoboken in New Jersey. I heard some good things about Hoboken. Manhattan is I want to live maybe in a year or two. I have looked at craigslist.org and roommates and my price range i'm looking at is about $950-$1,250 and where are the best places for Night life with a mixed crowd. Also is there alot of LA/OC Transplants living in NYC or anyone in this forum.

As for looking for a job I have the NYC411 Production/Post Production Book to make calls to the post production companies. I'm also looking at craigslist.org, mandy, media-match and Entertainmentcareers.net. Is there any other websites that anyone knows that aren't mentioned above. If I don't have a job lined up by the middle of the summer, I'm just going to Bartend in NYC, the bartending school that I mentioned earlier that has job placement nationwide,until then I'll get a good paying job that pays Between $45,000-$70,000 in Post Production and network with other people in the same field as myself when I get there. Also I'm doing a business on side that has to do with financies. Sorry for the long post. I hope anyone can help me out, give me any suggestions or tips. I can't wait to make the move to New York city