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February 5th, 2008, 02:36 PM
Good evening.

My names Mark, from Cornwall UK.

What clinched me posting here was seeing a thread about Cornwall and someone wanting photographs of Fowey, got plenty of those here, have promised the poster I will get a few photographs up very soon.

I personally run a photography business called SkyHighPhotographs - low altitude aerial photography, but my real reason posting here today is on behalf of my father, who presently has a number of domain names available for sale, that just a few of you may be interested in purchasing for your own new website photography project / showcases.

Since this forum is primarily about NewYork, I better start with the first one of that great city first and foremost.

We are taking serious offers on any of these website addresses, domain names.

You can pm us if you are interested in any of these, individually, or in bulk.

Enough truntering.





























As I said, if any of you are interested in any of these, please drop us a line with your strong offer in US $ and we can take it from there.

Best regards.

Mark & Ron

PS If any of you know anyone who might like to buy any of these, we will pay 10% as a finders fee, to pay you for your trouble, if you can help us to find buyers.

February 5th, 2008, 07:40 PM
^ i'd be very careful if i was you, advertising on this site you may find yourself banned.

February 6th, 2008, 02:36 AM
My father and I do quite a bit of domaining on the side, that is dealing in domain name trading.

Thank you for this reminder.

One of the troubles with domaining is actually locating successfully endusers, small to medium sized businesses that the business owner typically, has a strong emotional attachment to.

Often the best way of accomplishing this is to post on forums directly related to the domain name.

Of course, this often incurs the wrath of forum owners trying to eliminate and/or cut down on the amount of spam posts being made.

Can I just say in my defense a few words first?

I am a photographer, therefore it is natural to talk about and share with others all aspects of my business. As anyone would recognise, this is normally quite acceptable on any forum directly related to the subject matter at hand.

Too, in offering these names to a wider audience here, the hope is that just perhaps, one or two of the names may well benefit positively another user of this forum, who shares this same interest as I do, and their business interests. I want to make it clear, that it's not just about taking from a forum, but adding value to it and to the members present, aiding them wherever possible.

Finally, the names offered are keyword rich, and in their own way may just assist the forum owner/s in a very small way, to get a better ranking or position in the major search engines, which in turn obviously brings more people on board.

Now, every time someone types in any of the above words into their browser window or through a search box, it is likely that this thread will show up in the search results. If that brings more people here, for the forum owners, this can only be a good thing.

If I had on the other hand, really posted spam, for example, those endless lists everyone see's for the latest offers on mobile phones etc, then of course, if that was the case, I could fully understand the reasoning behind coming to the conclusion that such posts were intended as spam only.

However, in this instance, I am simply trying to give photography related domains to endusers which could truly positively help them in their own photography endeavours and businesses online. Even if photographers here already have their own websites, for such strong keyword rich domains, which are highly popular, someone may be interested, and would then simply set up a 301 Redirect to direct the traffic from said name, straight to their own original photography website and business, without any fear whatsoever of any penalisation by google.

If this thread has caused any offence to the admin here, then please do accept my most profuse apologies and by all means, certainly feel free to delete the thread.

A great many thanks for your time and once again, my appreciation for bringing this point to my attention.

All the very best with kindest regards.


February 6th, 2008, 04:20 PM
Just got the remainder of these too, so these now for sale as well. Every state now registered.

Offers invited.

Whois will reveal me as the owner.

ILPics.com (Illinois)

WAPics.com (Washington)

KSPics.com (Kansas)

WYPics.com (Wyoming)

OHPics.com (Ohio)

RIPics.com (Rhode Island)

Pics is recognised on goodle as 'photographs', all of these keywords, letters, turn out high google results.

February 6th, 2008, 04:25 PM
I should also add, that if any of you guys ever need a domain name, website address, that I am a professional business name searcher. In fact I have one or two clients who keep me busy finding in excess of 500 unique and/or popular, domain business names every day.

I don't care what the subject matter is, as long as it's not illegal or porn related, if you need a domain name for your photography activities or anything else at all, by all means feel welcome to drop me a pm, along with your criteria for a name, how long it should be, what extension, a made up brandable one word, generic two words, you tell me, I'll find it.

If this helps anyone, just let me know, I adore word smithery.

Kindest regards.