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February 6th, 2008, 11:12 AM
Dear everyone,
I am a Brit’ currently doing a research project on NY City. I am looking for any views, opinions and feelings on your life in NY. I am especially looking for views regarding life in Brooklyn – and if you feel the people have an influence on the city – or the city on the people. Any ideas and help are welcome though. Thank you!

February 6th, 2008, 11:17 AM
Oh boy.

NYP, there is a HELL of a lot here, you just have to do some searches and read a bit.

You are not the first to come on here and ask for us to provide all the info needed to do a school assignment. The key is, do a BIT of research yourself, then ask some more specific questions.

What about the parks, night life, what do you do for a living (if you can say) etc etc... You have to have a direction with your paper other than just "living in NYC" or you will not be able to go anywhere with it.

Maybe you should read a few "Living" articles in the NYT or other publications, get a start, and focus on one area. Ask for confirmation, denial or clarification of what it says and you will probably get a lot more a lot quicker than asking something this broad!