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NyC MaNiAc
February 18th, 2003, 11:45 PM
When you think of Downtown you think of WTC rebuilding-forget that for a second. (I'll get to that later)

What else is going down over there?

I can think of 7 WTC ( So here's back to the WTC...does anyone see the irony in this? They easily OK a 750 footer...Why can't they just build a 1500' and only occupy it to lets say...1000'...ahh, whatever)

Also, hows 1 NY place doing? Anyone have information on it?

And, what about other construction/proposed/approved projects Downtown?

Thanks for your help.

February 19th, 2003, 08:39 AM
The 1 NY Place tower, because it is being considered for the MTA transit center site would have to wait until plans for that move forward. *The developer reportedly wanted to purchase the properties to assemble the site, but if the State is already looking to condemn the properties for the transit center, that wouldn't be necassary. *We'll just have to wait and see.

February 19th, 2003, 11:30 AM
I didn't include buildings that were under 12 stories or buildings *in Hudson Square, Tribeca, or the Lower East Side else there would be too many.

1 New York Place/First New York Place
Broadway, between Fulton and John Streets
90 stories 1,050 feet
Dev-Davis & Parteners ?KPF?
I'm not too excited about this. Something tall would have gone there without Davis anyway. Who gets to develop the land should be decided by competition to ensure something great is built.

7 World Trade Center
52 stories 750ft
Skidmore Owings & Merrill
Under Construction 2002-2005
AP Photo/Silverstein Properties, Jock Pottle

9-12 Barclay Street
~70 stories
Costas Kondylis & Partners
Obviously it's a residential tower. They were demolishing one of the buildings the last time I passed.

270 Greenwich Street
38 stories 596 feet 8 inches
Skidmore Owings & Merrill
Proposed 2004/2005
It's ashame they can't get a tenant still.

2 Gold Street
51 stories
Avinash K. Malhotra Architects
Proposed 2003-early 2005

10 Liberty Street
42/45 stories
Stephen B. Jacobs Group
Under Construction 2002-2004
I dont think this is the current design.

Manhattan Supreme Court
Manhattan Civic Center
~40 stories
Ellerbe Beckett/Polshek & Partners - Architects
Probably just a study.

Battery Park City Site 2A
Little West Street
360 feet (max)

The Seasons/The Habitable Sculpture
Phillip Johnson-Alan Ritchie Architects/H. Thomas H. O'Hara
26/28 stories 330/326 feet
I hope they pick a site downtown for this.

250 Water Street Tower I
250 Water Street
30/32-->24 stories
Platt, Byard, Dovell
Still fighting the people who think it's too big for the seaport and who want a 120 ft height limit.

The Solaire
20 River Terrace
27 stories
Cesar Pelli & Associates
Under Construction 2001-2003
I wish they used more glass.

Battery Park City Site 19B
24 stories
Robert AM Stern
by Ernest Burden III \http://users.rcn.com/ebiii/sample.htm
should start soon

Battery Park City Site 18B
24 stories?
Robert AM Stern
It's the building in the background of 19B

Tycom Building
Leonard Street and Broadway
Richard Cook & Associates
Under Construction 2002-?

Foley Square Apartments
111 Worth Street
19 stories
Costas Kondylis & Associates
Under Construction 2001-2003
This retro garbage is almost done.

250 Water Street Tower II
250 Water Street
14-->13 stories
Platt, Byard, Dovell
It's is in the rendering of Tower I.

326-328 Spring Street/489-495 Washington Street
11/12 stories
Phillip Johnson/ Alan Ritchie

Battery Park City Site 26
I dont think that's the real design. it's suppse to be bigger.

Hopefully this will become a reality.

February 19th, 2003, 01:17 PM
Nice montage Derek - I'm looking forward to a lot of these. I guess we don't have a height for 9-12 Barclay and 2 Gold. I guess we will find out in due time.

I think the "habitable sculpture" by Philip Johnson got cancelled. I'm pretty sure that was going to be his last (and greatest, according to him) project. He's 96 years old now!

Site 26 in BPC looks pretty wicked too - I think this is where they put the spotlights for the "towers of light" memorial last March. Thanx for the updates!

February 19th, 2003, 01:42 PM
Yeah, nice job. *It's good to see all this being bult downtown.

There is so much going on in NYC... damn I love this town!

February 19th, 2003, 02:40 PM
Nice work, Derek. *Something to do whilst snowed in?

"This retro garbage is almost done."

I like the way you said that. *I think you're right (at least for Manhattan).

February 19th, 2003, 03:07 PM
I couldn't find this one at their website.


It's sort of ugly for something so prominent on the skyline, not to mention how it would block some major views of our Woolworth treasure.

February 19th, 2003, 03:09 PM
Yeah, me neither.

It is pretty damn fugly, though

February 19th, 2003, 04:09 PM
More on the site of 1 NY Place...(Downtown Express)

M.T.A. presents plans for new Broadway/Nassau center
By: Jane Flanagan February 19, 2003 *

The Fulton subway station will be transformed from a dingy, confusing transfer point into a street-level terminal with natural lighting, wide platforms and easy-to-follow signs, according to an M.T.A. official who spoke recently at a Community Board 1 meeting. *

The station would be easily accessible from the street, which is currently not the case.

"It's like 'Where's Waldo?'" said William Wheeler, director of planning for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, as he pointed to a photo slide of a subway entrance at Dey St. "You can't find it."

Wheeler spoke at a meeting of the board's World Trade Center Redevelopment Committee which was held on Monday, February 10.

Work will begin next year and be completed in 2007, he said. Subway service will continue throughout the construction period with only occasional two-day interruptions over the weekend. It will cost about $750 million.

The street-level terminal will be partially enclosed by glass to provide natural lighting. Signs directing riders to all of the nine subways that converge at Fulton St. will be clearly visible. It will also have escalators and elevators.

There is also a plan to extend the Fulton St. subway one block west underneath Dey Street to Church, via a new pedestrian passageway. It would link it to additional subway lines, the PATH and the World Trade Center site.

Several buildings will be demolished and businesses displaced. It's unclear exactly which ones or how the landlords and business owners would be compensated. Answers will come once the environmental survey is underway, said Wheeler, expected to begin in April or May.

No business owners spoke at the meeting.

Liz Berger, a board member who lives a block from Fulton St., said she welcomes the renovation.

"I've been traveling on that subway for 20 years. It has bugs and rodents, it's the worst," she said.

Louis Tomson, the president of the L.M.D.C. agrees. Speaking at New York Law school last month he said of the station, "It's my least favorite train station in any city in America or Europe."

February 19th, 2003, 05:57 PM
No mention of a tower in their plans I see. :(

NyC MaNiAc
February 19th, 2003, 06:40 PM
yes, wow, I had no idea there were so many project going on! the future looks good for Lower Manhattan!

February 19th, 2003, 08:09 PM
Quote: from JMGarcia on 5:57 pm on Feb. 19, 2003
No mention of a tower in their plans I see. :(

More info on the CB1 meeting. Excerpts from BPC Broadsheet:

Attendees at the WTC Redevelopment Committee meeting were concerned about possible commercial or residential development atop the transit center. Mr Wheeler said the MTA
had not made a decision on this issue - but some were not satisfied with his answer. "Unless you have parallel plans, how can you proceed without knowing if there will be a structure on top?" asked architect Jordan Gruzen. "Plans would progress differently." As Mr Gruzen pointed out, major structural decisions would have to be made in the initial planning stages to allow future building above the transit center.

February 19th, 2003, 08:33 PM
JerzDevl2000-Last I heard, they were going to try to propose The Seasons somewhere else so I was hoping it would be downtown.

The renderings of 6-12 Barclay Street are here under St. Peter's Rectory. It is being developed by Glenwood Management by the way.


February 19th, 2003, 09:40 PM
Wow, these buildings look great.

February 20th, 2003, 02:13 AM
Derek - Thanx for the update on the Seasons. I think that Philip Johnson is America's greatest living architect and our best that we've ever seen (I'm gonna get tons of arguments from the Frank Lloyd Wright aficionado's), but this would be the capstone to a brilliant career and I would like him to see this building's completion!

9-12 Barclay doesn't bother me a whole lot - I'd tweak it's facade/color and have a few more setbacks on it to fit in better with the older towers downtown.

February 20th, 2003, 08:23 AM
I wouldn't mind seeing the Johnson building at site 3 in southern BPC. It would have good visability along West St and from the river.

TLOZ Link5
February 23rd, 2003, 08:30 PM
Crap...I couldn't load any of the pictures. *I'm sure that most of them look great, considering the commentary.

Oh, BTW, sorry I haven't been posting for four days. *I was in Florida and forgot to post about that...=\

NyC MaNiAc
February 23rd, 2003, 08:48 PM
It's all good, TLOZ Link5,...

Where in FLorida? Tampa's supposed to have a nice skyline.... :)

(Edited by NyC MaNiAc at 12:01 am on Feb. 24, 2003)

February 23rd, 2003, 09:23 PM

Florida come on man, there is nothing in Florida...lol.

Hope you had a good time.

NyC MaNiAc
February 24th, 2003, 12:00 AM
LOL Stern...How true you are...

Sorry Floridians...

TLOZ Link5
February 24th, 2003, 05:10 PM
Heh, I didn't go anywhere with a noteworthy skyline; my grandparents rent a condo on the Gulf for six weeks in February/March near Panama City on the panhandle. *What counts as a skyline around there is simply a cluster of 20-storyish hotels and apartment buildings in the middle of some of the bigger communities. *The nearest fair-sized city is Pensacola, which doesn't really have much of a skyline. *Still, it was a nice place to kick back on the beach and relax, which is what vacations are for, normally.

NyC MaNiAc
February 27th, 2003, 11:00 PM
true. and then it's fun to go back into the concrete jungles of NYC :)

Some of these Downtown buildings look great by the way! I'm excited! I'm hearing too much of construction in Midtown and it's good to know Downtown still has it's fair share of under construction buildings.

March 23rd, 2003, 07:27 PM
konylis.com lists 6-12 Barclay as midrise.

NyC MaNiAc
March 23rd, 2003, 08:09 PM
that's not good. It seems to look like a hgih-rise and what would be a noteworthy building if built downtown.

July 16th, 2003, 11:21 AM
From The NY Post
July 14, 2003

Nino Vendome is ratcheting up his development team for another spin at the family land on Spring Street just north of Canal St. There are now approvals to construct a 120-foot tall building so Vendome and his brother have re-signed the 97-year old Philip Johnson and his partner, Alan Ritchie, to create yet another design.

This one will be based on the Urban Glass House, Vendome said, but will have a historical context.

"He's been involved on the block for the past four years. Now he's going to design something great that we will build. We will combine art, technology and architecture into a historical building reflective of his work and the man himself.

The Habitable Sculpture, the more than 300-foot tall initial Johnson/Ritchie design killed by the community, has been set aside for another site.

Meanwhile, all the memorabilia from Nino's, the now-defunct Canal St. restaurant and ground zero rescue worker refuge, has been carted off by various museums, including the Smithstonian.

The New York State Museum in Albany hauled off the majority in five truckfulls that included the polished wooden bar. "As we were going through this I felt it was very important for people in the future to understand what the mood was," said Vendome. "And the things we received [including letters and photos and drawings], were full of that [mood] as we were going through the chaos."

TLOZ Link5
July 16th, 2003, 02:20 PM
Isn't the Johnson tower proposed for a site on Spring Street?

December 14th, 2003, 12:12 PM

Legendary architect brings new vision to Lower Manhattan.
Real Estate Weekly, Sept 10, 2003

The Vendome Group has announced it is moving forward with a new design for its property at 328 Spring St., at the corner of Washington St. and just north of Canal St.

The Vendome Group has engaged legendary architect, Philip Johnson, and his partner, Alan Ritchie, to create the design for the new building.

"The site was to be the home of the Johnson design for the internationally acclaimed 'habitable sculpture' which will be built elsewhere," explained Antonio Nino Vendome, chairman of the Vendome Group.

"Although plans have not been finalized, we expect the building will be an 'Urban Glass House' with its design elements drawing from signature Philip Johnson buildings, including his Connecticut residence, known as the 'Glass House.'

"Two years ago, at 95, Philip Johnson designed the 'habitable sculpture,' and I am certain that his extraordinary creativity will set a new vision for the urban landscape of residential buildings in Lower Manhattan."

The new building, while representative of Johnson's signature modern design, will also pay tribute to the historical surrounding buildings of the Hudson Square neighborhood and Lower Manhattan.

The design will also preserve the integrity of the adjacent historic James Brown House, which is home to the Ear Inn, one of the oldest continually functioning pubs in New York City.

According to Vendome, Johnson, along with his partner, Alan Ritchie, are currently aggressively at work on the new design for the site.

"We intend to build a project that has redeeming social value for the City and the community," said Vendome. We will combine art, technology and architecture into a building reflecting a new standard for design, and the creativity of the legendary Philip Johnson."

"The new building we have designed will rise 120 feet. It will be comprised of eleven floors," said Alan Ritchie, managing partner of Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie Architects. Although the total number of units have not yet been determined, the building will be designed to take maximum advantage of both river and city views," added Ritchie.

"I have also directed my development team to follow green building guidelines to the extent feasible, and will make every effort to insure that we build the most environmentally friendly building possible," Vendome said.

Plans will be finalized in the next six months and construction will begin shortly thereafter.

COPYRIGHT 2003 Hagedorn Publication
COPYRIGHT 2003 Gale Group

March 14th, 2005, 11:26 AM
From The Real Deal:

Urban Glass House
Spring and Washington streets
Architects Philip Johnson and Alan Ritchie’s new condominium development was recently purchased by Glass House Development LLC, a partnership formed by Abram Shnay, Charles Blaichman and Scott Sabbagh, from Greenwich Street Partners LLC for approximately $24 million. Construction is scheduled to begin this winter. The Sunshine Group has been named the marketing and sales agent for the building. Contact: The Sunshine Group, 212-750-0500.


March 14th, 2005, 11:44 AM
Hey, I was curious if anyone knew what was going on at 50 West 15th St? Fox & Fowle is the project architect, I have heard.