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June 19th, 2013, 09:42 PM
'Sopranos' star suffers massive heart attack in Italy 'Everyone is in tears,' a source close to the Emmy Award-winning actor tells the Daily News.

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June 19th, 2013, 09:58 PM
WOW! What a shock.

I didn't know much about him as a person, and knew little about him until the Sopranos rolled out but THAT was a great show, and he was made for the lead role.


June 19th, 2013, 10:57 PM
Damn I just can't believe it. I know he wasn't Mr Health, but seemed that he could at least keep it in check with all that was available to him. Even so, a health expert on the news said something like prevention and treatment are two different things. So aspirin or meds can only go so far. Loss of big talent. Two young kids too such a shame.

June 20th, 2013, 12:29 AM
May sound a teeny bit morbid but following obituaries from my home town to check up on high school classmates has made me realize some people are born with not great hearts. They may have some small defect etc that just wears out earlier than most other people. So maybe if he was a type A guy with not the best health practices may have hindered him living a few extra years beyond his 51 can be hard to tell.

Binky Bainbridge
June 20th, 2013, 05:42 AM
Sad news. He played Tony Soprano to perfection and made the series the hit it was. R.I.P James.

June 20th, 2013, 01:04 PM
He was apparently found in the bathroom by his son, who thought he'd been in there too long.


People who spoke of him always used the terms "down to earth," "regular guy," "generous," etc. Nobody ever had anything bad to say about him, and he was also a champion for veterans' causes. There were even Gandolfini sightings occassionally down the shore, where he had a home in Seaside, on the bay. He would walk back and forth with his son through the side streets between his home and the Top of the Mast restaurant on the ocean side. He was always nice and cordial, the usual "How are you" niceties people use when passing by.

People have always thrown out the usual Tony Soprano quotes, especially since yesterday. The best one I've ever heard attributed to him wasn't even from a character he played. My friend's sister used to work in Toms River at a dealer that sold jet skis and dirt bikes. So one day he came in with his son and was looking to buy a waverunner. The salesman was helping a woman who couldn't decide what to buy, and she told him to go ahead and help James. After a while the woman grew impatient and wanted her salesman back. Among other things she said that her husband was "the real thing." Gandolfini answered back "Yeah and I'm sure he loves you telling people that."

Priceless and pure Gandolfini.

June 20th, 2013, 01:21 PM
I feel bad for him, and surprised at his death, but I have to admit that when I heard "heart attack" all I thought was:


I (sadly) was not at all surprised by ​that.

June 20th, 2013, 09:03 PM
Holsten's Ice Cream Parlor reserves a booth.




June 21st, 2013, 01:01 PM
Official and obvious. Heart issues though can be so insidous, according to an article from yesterday, that a person can run a marathon one day and be dead the next. Or have a stress test the day before and be dead the next. Findings showed that he had a heavy meal with alcohol before his death, which was the final nail, and pretty much was a "when" rather than an "if". Bottom link shows how fit he was in high school.

Friend: James Gandolfini died of heart attack
June 21, 2013, 10:12 AM EST
http://entimg.s-msn.com/i/150/News/June13/JamesG.jpg© WENN / James Gandolfini

ROME (AP) -- An autopsy on James Gandolfini (http://movies.msn.com/celebrities/celebrity/james-gandolfini/) has confirmed the "Sopranos (http://tv.msn.com/tv/series/the-sopranos/)" star died of a heart attack, with no evidence of substance abuse or foul play, a family spokesman said Friday.
Michael Kobold told reporters that Gandolfini's body has been released to a funeral director and that the family was working with the Italian government to speed up the bureaucratic red tape to get the body back to the United States soon.
While the process can take up to 10 days, Kobold said the family was hoping to have the body repatriated by mid-week with a funeral planned in New York by June 29 at the latest.

Gandolfini, 51, died Wednesday night. His body was discovered in a Rome hotel room by a family member.
He had arrived in Rome on Tuesday and spent his first full day in the Eternal City with his teen-age son, visiting the Vatican and dining in the hotel, the luxury Boscolo Exedra. They dined together in the hotel on Wednesday night, awaiting the arrival in Rome of Gandolfini's sister, Leta.
"He had a wonderful day," Kobold said of the father-son vacation.

Asked if Gandolfini had a history of heart problems, Kobold said he was healthy.
"There's nothing out of the ordinary. It was a heart attack. It was a natural cause," he said. "There was no foul play, no substance abuse. None of that."
Morgue officials at Rome's Policlinico Umberto I hospital said the U.S. Embassy had told them not to speak to the media, and that a family representative would provide the results of the autopsy. Kobold, a longtime family friend, said he had been asked by the family to act as its spokesman.

While he provided no written evidence of the autopsy results, the director of the emergency room at the hospital, Dr. Claudio Modini, said on Thursday that Gandolfini had suffered a cardiac arrest. Sudden cardiac arrest can be due to a heart attack, a heart rhythm problem, or as a result of trauma.
Leta went to the morgue on Friday to formally identify the body.

Gandolfini was to have helped preside over the closing ceremony on Saturday of the Taormina Film Festival in Sicily. The festival instead is organizing a tribute to him.
His portrayal of criminal Tony Soprano in HBO's landmark drama series "The Sopranos" was just one facet of his rich legacy as an actor in movies and plays.