View Full Version : Ride the bus in Nassau county? You better read this!

September 23rd, 2003, 11:17 PM
Because of yet another Nassau county budget problem, the already cash strapped MTA LI Bus is proposing to make the following cuts in service
Weekday Proposed Service Reductions

NO l- Hewlett-Elmont-Jamaica Reduce Service

NO2- Green Acres-Elmont-Jamaica Reduce Service

NO3 - Green Acres-Malverne-Jamaica Reduce Service

NO6 - Hempstead-Jamaica Reduce Service

N14 - Rockville Centre Loop Reduce Service

N15 - Long Beach-Hempstead-Roosevelt Field Reduce Service

N16 - Hempstead-Baldwin-Silver Lake Eliminate Silver Lake Segment

N17 - Hempstead-Rockville Centre-Mercy Hospital Reduce Service

N19 - Freeport-Babylon Reduce Service

N25 - Great Neck-Lynbrook Reduce Service

N26 - Great Neck-Jamaica Eliminate

N27 - Hempstead-Roosevelt Field-Glen Cove Reduce Service

N28 - Roslyn Industrial Park Eliminate

N33 - Long Beach-Far Rockaway Reduce Service

N35 - Hempstead-Westbury Reduce Service

N36 - Lynbrook-Freeport Reduce Service

N40/41- Freeport-Hempstead-Mineola Reduce Service

N45 - Bellmore-Roosevelt Field Reduce Service

N46/47 - Hempstead-E. Meadow Bellmore Reduce Service

N48/49 - Hempstead-Hicksville-Jericho Quad Reduce Service

N50 - Bellmore-Hicksville Reduce Service

N51 - Merrick-Roosevelt Field Reduce Service

NS4/55 - Hempstead-Sunrise Mall-Amityville Reduce Service

N57 - Great Neck Loop Reduce Service

N58 - Great Neck LIRR-Kings Point Reduce Service

N62 - Freeport South Loop Reduce Service

N65 - E. Rockaway-Sacred Heart/Kellenberg Eliminate

N66 - E. Rockaway-Chaminade Eliminate

N67 - Holly Trinity/Kellenberg-Roosevelt Eliminate

N70/71/72 Hempstead-Sunrise Mall-Farmingdale-Babylon Reduce Service

N73/74 - Wantagh- Hicksville Reduce Service

N79 - Mineola-Hicksville- Walt Whitman Reduce Service

N80 - Hicksville-Sunrise Mall via Hicksville Rd. Reduce Service

N81- Hicksville-Sunrise Mall via Boundary Reduce Service N93 - Nassau Hub Shuttle Eliminate

Saturday Proposed Service Reductions

N01- Hewlett-Elmont Reduce Service

N02- Green Acres-Floral Park Hempstead-Jamaica Eliminate

N06- Hempstead- Jamaica Reduce Service

N16 Roosevelt Field-Baldwin Reduce Service

N19 Babylon-Freeport Eliminate

N25 Lynbrook-Great Neck Reduce Service

N27 Hempstead-Glen Cove Reduce Service

N33 Long Beach-Far Rockaway Eliminate

N35 Hempstead-Westbury Reduce Service

N36 Lynbrook-Freeport Eliminate

N45 Bellmore-Roosevelt Field Eliminate

N51 Roosevelt Field Merrick Eliminate

N54/55 Hempstead-Amityville/ Sunrise Mall Reduce Service

N58 Great Neck-Kings Point Reduce Service

N73 Wantagh- Hicksville Eliminate

N79 Mineola-Plainview/S. Huntington Reduce Service

N80 Hicksville-Sunrise Mall Eliminate

N81 Hicksville-Sunrise Mall Eliminate

N93 Hempstead-Roosevelt Field Eliminate

Sunday Proposed Service Reductions

N01 Hewlett-Elmont Eliminate

N06 Hempstead-Jamaica Reduce Services

N19 Babylon-Freeport Eliminate

N23 Mineola-Manorhaven Eliminate

N25 Lynbrook-Great Neck Eliminate

N33 Long Beach Far Rockaway Eliminate

N35 Roosevelt Field-Westbury Eliminate

N40 Freeport-Mineola Reduce Service

N54 Hempstead-Amityville-Sunrise Mall Eliminate

N58 Great Neck-Kings Point Eliminate

N79 Mineola-Plainview-S.Huntington Eliminate

So if you work in a mall in Nassau county, esp Sunrise and Walt Whitman, and take the bus, you may have no way to work if these cuts happen. Also the cuts would put additional burden on the routes. Buses will be unbearably crowded and late. Alot of routes are that way now. I'd hate to think what it would be like with the cuts. ACT NOW! Write and email your Nassau county legislator, the County executive and the MTA and tell them to have a concience! The cuts are appauling, esp after a fare hike that was supposed to prevent them. :evil: