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November 1st, 2003, 05:31 AM
November 1, 2003

Bridges' 'Necklace Lights' to Return


Strings of ornamental lights on the city's four East River bridges, turned off eight months ago because of budget constraints, will be relighted on Wednesday, using money donated by four local businesses.

A total of 906 100-watt mercury-vapor bulbs on the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg and Queensboro Bridges, which went dark in March, will be turned on using a total of $160,000 donated by the River Café, the Brooklyn waterfront restaurant; Travelex, a currency exchange business; the law firm Carter Ledyard & Millburn; and the International Gemological Institute.

The donations — $20,000 from each business for each of the next two years — were made to the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City, which will reimburse the city Department of Transportation for the cost of lighting the bridges. The donations were announced yesterday on Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's radio program, "Live From City Hall," on WABC-AM.

"These four firms represent the best of New York's business community," Mr. Bloomberg said. "The necklace lights on our bridges illuminate the East River, and because of these outstanding corporate citizens, New Yorkers will once again be able to enjoy the sparkling lights that grace the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg and Queensboro Bridges."

Representatives for the businesses donating money said they felt a special connection to the bridges.

"The Brooklyn Bridge, the jewel of New York, now has its magic back," said Michael O'Keeffe, the owner of the River Café.

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