View Full Version : Cafeterias?

November 21st, 2003, 02:10 AM
Has anyone had the wild idea of eating in cafeterias in some of the office towers? There's one at the McGraw-Hill building at 1221 6th, right near the lobby, I believe.
I myself have never been crazy about cafeterias but I need someplace cheap and reasonable to eat when I am in the city.
I cant eat Wendy's anymore because its not much better than McDonald's (we'll miss you Dave). In recent years Wendy's menu has gotten smaller and the food more "McDonald's-like". There used to be this great place called Flamers. Years ago they were in the Manhattan mall food court upstairs, but never came back for the renovated food court. Then last year they opened up a Flamers downtown on Fulton street, but given downtown's economy, they didn't last more than 6 months.
So what I'm lookin for is a fast food style place with decent food and decent prices in Manhattan. If it means eating in a cafeteria I'll try it. Any suggestions?

November 21st, 2003, 09:10 AM
When I worked at Met Life, we would go across the street to the J Walter Thompson cafeteria for lunch - very reasonably priced - even without an employee card. Also, Time Warner (the current HQ at Rock Center) had a very good and reasonable priced cafeteria.

Midtown is tough. Healthy / good food is extremely expensive. Even fast food is over priced. Getting away with a $7.50 lunch is a bargain.

Qtrain, time to start bringing lunch.

Best places I ever worked with regard to "affordable ammenities" for the average worker was at W 27th & Park Ave South and in a building on Madison Square Park.

Midtown is a rip off and NOT friendly to the workers who drive its success as a commercial area.