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November 22nd, 2003, 10:07 PM
Earlier today I ventured into King’s Park underground tunnels and the Medical Center, two of the supposed ghost hotbeds. I can testify to feeling cold-spots, weird “howling” noises, and hearing footsteps on the floor-above, all of which can be collaborated. Ofcause all my collaborators will be protected as trespassing is strictly forbidden, and we had infact earlier been warned by a Park Ranger. Most interesting was that despite a rapid disintegration much of the hospital was in a similar condition as when it had been vacated. Most of the furniture was still inplace, paperwork, dishes, medical equipment, and there were still even Holoween decorations hanging from the walls. The fact that the hospital probably closed around this time and that most of the patients were sent to fend for them selves just as winter approached is despicable.

Some background:

The Kings Park Lunatic Asylum was established in 1885 on more than 800 acres. The state took over control of the facility in 1895 due to complaints of patronage and waste of resources from the staff and public. The name was changed to Kings Park State Hospital.

In 1900, the hospital housed 2,697 patients and 454 staff members, giving the hospital a larger population than the Town of Smithtown. There were over 150 permanent buildings, including a laundry, bakery, library, nursing school, recreation hall, bandstand, and many repair and construction shops. KPPC's mentally ill population peaked in 1954 with 9,300 patients.

Eventually, the staggering size of the chronic patient population coupled with ever-growing admission rates filled the dormitories beyond capacity. With no resources to invest in much other than basic custodial care, manual labor and relaxation gave way to more drastic techniques for treatment.

Insulin shock therapy, electric shock therapy, prefrontal lobotomies were all used at the three Long-Island hospitals.

Eventually, with very few patients left living in the buildings, parts of Kings Park closed down (the top few floors of the huge building 93 were closed in the 1970s) until no one was left in 1996. Critics of deinstitutionalization claim that not enough money or time was spent on adequate community-based care. In fact, many discharged patients ended up on the streets with medication, but no follow-up care.

In 2001, a real estate developer published a large study of the grounds, making many recommendations for possible redevelopment options for the remainder of the land.

Building 93:



The interior has some amazing murals:

Many of the tortured souls have stayed around. Visitors have complained of feeling very distressed immediately after entering the site.

The most haunted place is said to be in the underground levels. The underground tunnels are like a maze. There is a confinement room with a single chair in the middle somewhere in the lower levels. The patients were strapped to the chair and left there for days at a time. Allegedly there is still a large rock in the room that was used to knock out patients. There is said to be a cage about 3'x2' with a bench and wires coming down overhead and to the sides and on the floor are little circular metal shakels in another underground room.

People who have gone down there have been pushed, heard loud banging sounds, and felt cold spots. The area around the cafeteria and kitchen is another hotbed. More banging sounds are said to be heard there. Another supposed haunt is a cemetery located on the grounds. It is said that ghosts have chased people off the cemetery!

Legend says that the center is haunted by hundreds of mentally ill souls that died there from torture, with a majority of the stories set in the underground tunnels. One legend is that of Marie, a 17-year-old girl who died while undergoing electric shock. Another is that of a man who was brutally beaten and left in small room in the underground for several days. Both are said to walk the tunnels. Visitors to the Center have complained of dizziness and a feeling of absolute terror. There have been reports of cold spots, the feeling of being watched, and banging. One young man reported to me that he saw a misty form and dim lights moving within the windows of building 136 or the medical center. Another area spoken of in many stories in building 93, also reported to be the home of beautiful wall murals done by a patient. There are stories of screaming voices and tearful sobbing said to be associated with building 15, also known as Wisteria House. I was even told one tale about a phantom dog seen at the Grand Stand. There are also tales that relate to a mass grave cemetery, said to be located in the northern area of the Center. It is in this area where ghosts are said to chase the living away in an attempt to warn them.

The Surgical Building:
This is where the lobotomies had taken place.

An elevator behind the main entrance.

The main corridor. Ghosts? or dust reflecting from the flash....you decide.

One of many above ground collonades, the under-ground passageway's were not as open and much scarier.


The stairway... Thank god we did not go upstairs. We heard footsteps and bolted out of the place. There are stories of a woman who lives on the second floor of the building. Whether she is a mentally insanse Ghost or a mentally insane homesteader we werent going to find out.

November 22nd, 2003, 11:51 PM
Things like that scare the sh*t outta me.

Is that you?

November 23rd, 2003, 09:48 AM
In 2001, a real estate developer published a large study of the grounds, making many recommendations for possible redevelopment options for the remainder of the land.

Another Poltergeist sequal?

Stern, your leisure time is quite bizarre.

November 23rd, 2003, 10:14 AM
Is that you?
I cant comment on that, Im not even going to say if those are my pictures.

Stern, your leisure time is quite bizarre.
The reason I went was to try out my new camera, disregard my first response.

November 24th, 2003, 02:20 AM
Ugh, the picture with the stairway reminds me The Blairwitch project certainly the last scene :-(

December 16th, 2003, 10:37 AM
Very cool post. Is there any type of ghost tour in NYC like some other large cities have?