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January 19th, 2004, 01:58 PM
Given that there were a few discussions about Venezuela recently, I thought I would send a note about a trip our sailing club is offering at the beginning of March.

It's a non-profit community organization, so I don't feel to bad about giving it a little advertising...

And for all you sailors and wannabe sailors out there, have a look at the site - we sail winter (yes, even right now) and summer right next to Manhattan. Get some exercise!

here it is:


Venezuela - Inexpensive Caribbean Sailing Adventure

Join us for a very special Caribbean sailing instruction and vacation with http://www.SailNY.org. Because we are a non-profit community association, the trip is a priced inexpensively at $800, which includes instruction, certification and provisioning. The flight is roughly $480 (from NYC) and we have trips going March 1st, March 8th and possibly February 23nd if there is enough demand.

Exotic sailing around Los Roques, the biggest marine reserve archipelago in the world. Off the coast of Venezuela, the archipelago comprises 950 sq. miles of warm azure waters and 350 islands, islets, reefs and spectacular pure white talcum soft beaches.

ASA certification (101 Basic Keelboat and 103 Basic Coastal Cruising)

Navigation and destination sailing (two non-stop 100mi legs)

Sun, fun and relaxation

Trip benefits:

Experience something different, this is a truly special destination (the park allows limited access to the islands.) Los Roques is one of the worlds biggest natural treasures and consistently ranked one of the top marine life, diving and fishing spots in the world.

Venezuela has more Carribean coastline than any other country.

The islands also offer Scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, water-skiing, fishing, fly fishing.

Consistent 20-25 knot trade winds.

Experienced captain will show us the best locations to sail and enjoy the environment.

Depending on demand, we will be taking one or two 2003 46' and 30' Hunters.

Please respond to this email if you are interested.

- The New York Community Sailing Association
<a href="http://go-acct.com?go=cruise" onmouseover="window.status = 'goto: cruise';return 1" onmouseout="window.status=''">cruise</a>@sailny.org