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January 22nd, 2004, 10:40 PM
To: Board of Directors, Walt Disney Company

We, the undersigned, have initiated this petition to signal our support of Roy E. Disney in his endeavor to remove Micheal Eisner from the position he now holds as CEO of the Walt Disney Company.
On November 30th, 2003 Mr. Disney submitted his letter of resignation to Mr. Eisner and the Board of Directors. In his letter, he addressed many of the difficulties now facing the company, and held Mr. Eisner to account for his poor leadership and lack of vision. He gave credit where it was due, and commended Mr. Eisner on a successful first decade at the helm. He also noted that in the nine years since Frank Wells died, the company has languished, with no focus or direction. He gave seven examples of poor leadership, which are as follows:

(excerpt from Mr. Disney's letter of resignation; addressing Mr. Eisner)
1). "The failure to bring back ABC Prime Time from the ratings abyss it has been in for years and your inability to program successfully the ABC Family Channel. Both of these failures have had, and I believe will continue to have, significant adverse impact on shareholder value.
2). Your consistent micro-management of everyone around you with the resulting loss of morale throughout the Company.
3). The timidity of your investments in our theme park business. At Disney's California Adventure, Paris and now in Hong Kong, you have tried to build parks "on the cheap" and they show it and the attendance figures reflect it.
4). The perception by all of our stakeholders-- consumers, investors, employees, distributors and suppliers-- that the Company is rapacious , soul-less, and always looking for the "quick buck" rather than long-term value which is leading to a loss of public trust.
5). The creative brain drain of the last several years, which is real and continuing, and damages our Company with the loss of every talented employee.
6). Your failure to establish and build constructive relationships with creative partners, especially Pixar, Miramax, and the cable companies distributing our products.
7). Your consistant refusal to establish a clear succession plan."

He concluded his statement with the observation that he should not be the one to leave, and we believe Mr. Disney to be absolutely correct in this assertion; indeed, Mr. Eisner should be the one departing the Walt Disney Company. Mr. Disney has exhibited a deep understanding of what makes the Disney Company so special for so many of us; he is a true Disney. We applaud his taking such a bold stand in the battle for the heart and soul of the Walt Disney Company, and we believe he will prevail. We are deeply grateful and very, very proud of Mr. Disney, and we shall continue to support him in every way possible.


The Undersigned

The petition can be signed here: http://www.petitiononline.com/roymagic/petition.html Also check out http://www.savedisney.com/ if you want to help take back the Disney Magic from what Roy Disney and his supporters call "soulless corporate entities". There you can find more info on what Disney has become and whether it can be saved. Also feel free to express your opinions on today's Disney entertainment firm, which I believe is in danger of losing its quality in favor of profits at all costs.

January 22nd, 2004, 10:48 PM
And here's something else I should have posted last week. It's an alarming sign of where Michael Eisner and his acolytes :evil: will take this company if he's not stopped! (Sorry for my outburst)

Disney to close Florida animation studio
Tue Jan 13, 1:39 PM ET Add Business - AFP to My Yahoo!

TAMPA, United States (AFP) - The Walt Disney Co. said it would close its animation studio at Florida's Walt Disney World at an unspecified date, as it shifts from hand-drawn animated films like "Mulan" to computer-generated movies.

"More and more animated films are being created by CG (computer generation). We've used a mixture of hand-drawn and CG work in the same film for many years now," said Heidi Trotta, a spokeswoman for Disney.

The first Disney film to use a hybrid of CG and hand-drawn animation was "The Great Mouse Detective" in 1986. The Orlando, Florida animation studio opened in 1989.

The entertainment firm closed an affiliated animation studio in Paris last year and will close another animation studio in Tokyo by the end of 2004.

A total of 258 employees, including animators and other employees of the Orlando studio will be given an opportunity to relocate to the main Disney animation studio in Burbank, California, Trotta said.

"The Florida studios house talented artists and staff who brought us such great Disney animated films as 'Mulan,' 'Lilo and Stitch' and 'Brother Bear,' but this difficult decision was based on what is best strategically for our business in both the short and long term. Having the entire animated group working together in Burbank under one roof will further enhance our film-making process," said David Swinton, president of Walt Disney Feature Animation.

The Walt Disney Co. was the first studio to produce an animated film with sound ("Steamboat Willie" in 1928, which was the first film to star Mickey Mouse), and it also produced the first cartoon with classical music on its soundtrack (1932's "Flowers and Trees").

January 31st, 2004, 03:13 AM
I hope they succeed and get a Disney or some else who really cares about the company back in.

Disney really needs a leader who will invest money in the imagineers and theme parks. From what I have read, you can see the problem in the newer parks... California Adventure apparently isn't so great because the imagineers weren't supported and had to drop some of their ideas becasue they didnt have the funding... but TokyoSea is apparently very popular because they had the money they needed to make the rides (TokyoSea was funded by an outside Japanese group (not Disney), so the imagineers got everything they needed) I haven't been to those two parks but it makes sense after what i have read and from looking at the yearly park attendance records.