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July 4th, 2004, 05:03 PM
Many cities throughout the world have sister city programs to forge closer bonds with their international equivalents. These bonds, in the words of nyc.gov's Sister City Program page, represent "a formalized global partnership of cooperation, exchange, and mutual benefit between the two cities." New York, for example, has ten sister cities worldwide. They are, in chronological order:

Tokyo, Japan (1960)
Beijing, China (1980)
Madrid (1982)
Cairo, Egypt (1982)
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (1983)
Rome, Italy (1992)
Budapest, Hungary (1992)
Jerusalem, Israel (1993)
London, United Kingdom (2001)
Johannesburg, South Africa (2003)

If you do a Google a random city AND "sister cities," you should come up with the right results though some of the ties are really strange. Chicago and Los Angeles, for instance, both have Athens and Mexico City as sister cities; Washington DC and Havana are also sister cities, as are Detroit and Dubai; and Chicago is also sister cities with Paris!

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www.nyc.gov/sistercities (simpler URL)

I like the idea and NYC has a fine selection of "sisters," but I doubt this network accomplishes much beyond positive symbolism.