View Full Version : Why the rest of the world needs EPCOT and we won't.

Avenue A
July 24th, 2004, 01:00 PM
I'm proud to be a New Yorker. A young poet in New York Julian Stockdale had recently penned a poem with the great line "Let us play rival to the rebellion that births the accent." Reflecting on this line brought memories of how much more cultured we are than we think we are and how much more supportive of each other we are than OTHERS think. I've had flashlights shone on the oncoming path by both the fortunate and unfortunate during our blackout last year. Residents of my building raced up as far as 9 stories in darkened stairwells for those without flashlights. And as far as cultures collide in downtown manhattan many people fail to realize even after redevelopment there are many original residents left of that area that have been there their whole lives and create a living history and culture of it's own. On one city block you could find one representitive of any race,class,income,political preference and sexual preference. New York need not lessons from the Reedy Creek Improvement District on how to live at one with the world. The young that come to live in new york are always yearning for culture. Even if some believe they are eroding it. If we keep yearning for culture the way we do there will never again be "that bad side of town."
Terry New York New York :D