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September 9th, 2004, 11:02 AM
An excerpt from the current issue of Air Force Mag (http://www.afa.org/magazine/Sept2004/0904fighter.asp) that might be of interest to the other admirer of this simple yet effective plane:

The B-1B experience provided a model for USAF’s handling of its A-10s, the first of which entered service in the late 1970s. Some number of today’s 350 A-10s will be retired soon, Hoffman said. The savings will be used in two ways. First, USAF will improve or replace the engines of the remaining A-10s, so they can fly higher, carry a heavier load, and perform better at higher altitudes. Second, the A-10 also will receive new munitions and targeting systems, a modern cockpit, and systems that allow it to become part of the battlefield network.

“The only networking to the aircraft right now is a voice radio to the pilot, and the pilot does all the networking in his head,” Hoffman noted.

There will be fewer A-10s in the future, but they’ll be much more capable than today’s A-10s, he said. With these upgrades, the A-10 could serve well into the 2020s.

Other platforms likely will undergo the same “retire some, upgrade the remainder” approach, said Lt. Gen. Duncan J. McNabb, who was USAF’s deputy chief of staff for plans and programs until he was confirmed July 22 to be the Joint Staff director of logistics.

September 9th, 2004, 02:28 PM
Great. One hell of a plane getting more high tech. I do pity those who fight in enemy tanks.