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September 21st, 2004, 06:56 PM
Hi all.

I am new to the site and thought maybe a few of you could give me some advice. I am looking to move into a luxury building and wanted some feedback on which you thought offer the most. I am looking for either a studio or if possible a one bedroom in the price range of $2000-$2500.

I have looked at the Victory so far. Like it just dont like 10th all that much. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it.

Areas of interest are mid-west/east, west village, union square, grammarcy, etc. and UWS



September 22nd, 2004, 07:29 PM
There is a new building that just opened up between 2nd and 3rd Ave's on 34th St. called the Anthem. Although, just across 2nd Ave. is a taller, cheaper alternative at 300 E. 34th St. The views from the higher floors are unbelievable.


September 23rd, 2004, 11:04 AM
That's a rare angle of the downtown skyline. More photos from the Anthem, please!

September 23rd, 2004, 01:56 PM
What a great view :shock: 8)
Do you mean this building:http://www.emporis.com/en/wm/bu/?id=176989 ?

September 23rd, 2004, 03:06 PM
That's actually a picture from my apartment at 300 E. 34th St., across the street from the Anthem. My building can be seen on the emporis site on the far left of the bottom photo.

September 23rd, 2004, 04:26 PM
JJ - I did the research on 1 bedrooms with no fee which may be of interest. If you want the full file with 1 bed prices, let me know and i can send to you. All are post war or renovated.

Name Location Phone Site
1 Columbus Pl 1 Columbus Pl (212) 863-3000 www.brodskyorg.com
100 Jane 100 Jane St 212-727-3500 www.rockrosenyc.com
111 Worth 111 Worth St 212-787-1111 www.111Worth.com
19 St Marks 19 St Marks Pl www.19stmarksplace.com
21 Chelsea 120 West 21st 212-645-4477 www.21chelsea.com
22 River Terrace 22 River Terr 212-217-2111 www.22riverterrace.com
30 Lincoln Pl 30 W 63rd St 212-956-4049 www.milfordmgmt.com
36 Laight St 36 Laight St 212-962-6293
360w43 360 W 43rd St 212 262-2100 www.360w43.com
40W55 40 W 55th St www.macklowe.com
45 Wall 45 Wall St www.45wall.com
50 Murray 50 Murray St www.50murray.com
600 Washington 600 Washington www.600washington.com
71 Broadway 71 Broadway www.nycnofeelist.com
777 Sixth 777 6th Ave 212-620-6164 www.777sixth.com
85 John 85 John St www.85john.com
88 Greenwich 88 Greenwich Pl 212-968-8080 www.88greenwich.com
9 Barrow St 9 Barrow St 212-807-7700 www.justisnyc.com
90W 90 Washington St www.90wnewyork.com
99 John 99 John St www.99john.com
Anthem 222 E 34th St www.theanthemny.com
Atlas 66 W 38th St www.atlasny.com
Battery Pointe 300 Rector Pl (212) 673-6595 http://www.moramaxnyc.com/listing.php?ID=1
Beta West 321 W 54th St www.bettinaequities.com
Caroline NY 60 W 23rd St 212.837.4800 www.thecarolineny.com
Central Park Place 301 W 57th St
Chelsea Arms 303 W 21st St http://www.olr.com/neighborhood_listings/new_development_lists.asp?area=Downtown
Chelsea Centro 200 W 26th St 212-425-0200 www.chelseacentro.com
Chelsea Grande 460 W 20th St 212.696.1616 www.hakimian.net
Chelsea Place 360 W 30th St www.chelseaplaceny.com
Chelsea Tower 100 W 26th St 212-463-0100 www.chelseatower.com
Concerto 200 W 60th St (212) 247-4444 www.brodskyorg.com
Crossroads 10 Rutgers St www.hudsoninc.com
Eastville Gardens 225 E 7th St http://www.olr.com/neighborhood_listings/new_development_lists.asp?area=Downtown
Foundry 505 W 54th St 212-757-0100 www.foundrynyc.com
Gateway Plaza 375 South End Ave 212-786-1260 http://www.lefrak.com
Greenwich Pl 120 Greenwich Pl www.greenwich.com
Hudson Crossing 400 W 37th St www.hudsoncrossing.com
Hudson East 225 E 6th St 212-353-8223/917-860-6478 www.hudsoninc.com
Hudson View East 250 South End Ave 212-534-7771
Hudson View West 300 Albany St 212-945-3524
Ivy Tower 350 W 43rd St 212-956-1117 www.ivytowernyc.com
Le Rivage 21 West St www.21west.com
Liberty Court 200 Rector Pl 212-842-7300 www.milfordmgmt.com
Liberty House 377 Rector Pl 212-842-7300 www.milfordmgmt.com
Liberty Plaza 10 Liberty St 212-535-0500 www.glenwoodnyc.com
Liberty Terrace 380 Rector Pl 212-842-7300 www.milfordmgmt.com
Liberty View 99 Battery Pl 212-842-7300 www.milfordmgmt.com
Lincoln Plaza 20 W 64th St
Lincoln Plaza Towers 44 W 62nd St (212) 265-6947 www.lincolnplazatowers.com
Long Acre House 305 W 50th St 212.489.9808 www.macklowe.com
Marc 900 8th Ave www.marcny.com
Metro 17 John St 212-706-3030
Metropolis 150 E 44th St www.150east44.com
Metropolitan Tower 146 W 57th St www.macklowe.com
Midwest Court 410 W 53rd St 212-245-0399 www.rockrosenyc.com
Montrose 308 E 38th St www.montrosenyc.com
New Gotham 520 W 43rd St 212.563-4155 www.newgotham.com
Ocean 1 West St www.ocean1west.com
Parc Place 225 Rector Pl 212 945.0500 www.parcplaceapts.com
Park Towers South 315 W 57th St (212) 262-1675 x 14 www.parktowerssouth.com
Peter Cooper/Stuy Town 332 1st Ave www.pcvst.com
Plaza West 444 W 35th St www.rockrosenyc.com
Post Luminaria E 23rd St www.nycnofeelist.com
Red Square 250 E Houston 212-529-9595
Regatta 21 South End Ave 212-317-7755
Renaissance 100 John St www.100john.com
River Place 1 River Pl www.riverplacenyc.com
River Rose 333 Rector Pl 212-786-0537 www.rockrosenyc.com
River Watch 70 Battery Pl (212) 619-2600 www.brodskyorg.com
Riverbank West 560 W 43rd St 212-564-4200 www.riverbankapts.com
Soho Court Elizabeth St www.nycnofeelist.com
Sonoma 300 E 39th St www.thesonoma.com
South Cove Plaza 50 Battery Pl 212-534-7771 www.southcoveplaza.com
South Park Tower 124 West 60th St (212) 315-5560 www.brodskyorg.com
Suffolk Commons 99 Suffolk St http://www.olr.com/neighborhood_listings/new_development_lists.asp?area=Downtown
Symphony House 235 W 56th St 212-421-1300 http://www.resnicknyc.com
The Allegro 62 W 62nd St
The Aston 800 6th Ave 212-chelsea www.theastonnyc.com
The Biltmore 271 W 47th St 212-245-3600 www.thebiltmoreny.com
The Cameo 311 W 50th St 212-484-2424 www.thecameony.com
The Capitol 55 W 26th St 212 447 4477 www.thecapitolatchelsea.com
The Capri 235 E 55th St www.thecaprinyc.com
The Clinton 520 W 48th St www.theclinton.com
The Coda 114 Ridge St http://www.olr.com/neighborhood_listings/new_development_lists.asp?area=Downtown
The Crest 63 Wall www.crestnyc.com
The Encore 301 W 53rd St 212-397-1111 www.benrealty.com
The Exchange 150 Broad St www.25broad.com
The Gershwin 250 W 50th St www.resnicknyc.com
The Grand Tier 1930 Broadway www.glenwoodnyc.com
The Helena 57th & 11th www.foxfowle.com
The Highline W 12th St & Bethune 212-727-west www.highlinenyc.com
The Madison Belvedere 10 E 29th St www.10east29.com
The Nicole 400 w 55th 212.430.3700 www.thenicole.com
The Park Hudson 101 West End Ave www.101wea.com
The Penn Mark 315 W 33rd St www.thepennmark.com
The Regent 45 W 60th St www.glenwoodnyc.com
The Saranac Worth St www.nycnofeelist.com
The Sheffield 322 W 57th St www.thesheffield.com
The Sierra 135 W 15th St www.thesierra.com
The Solaire 20 River Terr www.thesolaire.com
The Strand 500 W 43rd St (212) 755-6364 www.aibmanagementcorp.com
The Tate 535 W 23rd St www.thetatenyc.com
The Vanguard 77 W 24th St www.vanguardchelsea.com
The Villager 194 E 2nd St http://www.olr.com/neighborhood_listings/new_development_lists.asp?area=Downtown
The Waterside Plaza 30 Waterside Pl www.watersideplaza.com
The Westminster 180 W 20th St www.thewestminster.com
The Westport 500 W 56th St (212) 581-5858* www.thewestportnyc.com
Theatre Row Tower 420 W 42nd St www.420w42.com
Tompkins Square Plaza 190 East 7th St 212-343-3014 http://www.olr.com/neighborhood_listings/new_development_lists.asp?area=Downtown
Tower 67 145 W 67th St 212-769-3097 www.tower67.com
Tribeca Bridge Tower 450 North End Ave 212-535-0500 www.glenwoodnyc.com
Tribeca Park 400 Chambers St www.tribecapark.com
Tribeca Pointe 41 River Terr 212-370-4141 www.tribecapointe.com
Tribeca Tower 105 Duane St www.tribecatower.com
Two Lincoln 2 Lincoln Sq 212-787-9581 www.twolincoln.com
Union Square South 1 Union Sq www.unionsquaresouth.com
West End Towers 35-75 West End www.brodskyorg.com
West River House West End Ave www.nycnofeelist.com
Worldwide Plaza 350 W 50th St
Zekendorf 1 Irving Pl (212)674-9150 www.1irving.com
401 W 22nd St 646-773-2791 http://www.olr.com/neighborhood_listings/new_development_lists.asp?area=Downtown
63 W 17th St http://www.olr.com/neighborhood_listings/new_development_lists.asp?area=Downtown
227 Mulberry St 212.696.1616 www.hakimian.net
220 E 24th St 212.696.1616 www.hakimian.net
199 Bowery http://www.olr.com/neighborhood_listings/new_development_lists.asp?area=Downtown
525 E 13th St http://www.olr.com/neighborhood_listings/new_development_lists.asp?area=Downtown

September 23rd, 2004, 07:33 PM
Great info, thanks a lot. I just might take you up on that offer of the full file.

September 24th, 2004, 09:24 AM
If anyone wants the full file, you can just send me a private message with your email address and i'll be more than happy to send it over.

September 25th, 2004, 08:11 PM

thanks for the help regarding the 1 bedroom luxury. It was extremely helpful.
Musiqgod - i will send you a private message for that file - that would be great. I appreciate it.


January 11th, 2006, 08:02 PM
The listing is very interesting, thanks Muziqgod, does anybody knows the buildings with a swimming pool in it :) ?

December 15th, 2006, 12:18 PM
I am new to NYC and looking for rental building.
I heard RiverWatch rental building in Battery Park City(70 Battery Place) is nice and somone(lease holder) wants to rent his apt out and said his lease allows him to do that. However I am not familiar with rental building so not sure if that's common or any risk involved.

What's the common practice here in NYC for sublet apt in a rental building by lease holder?:confused:

Thanks a lot!

April 27th, 2007, 03:06 PM
Renters beware: tenants in this building ("River Rose") just got Early Termination notices ordering them to vacate by June 30, 2007.

One such person I know I actually does have a new place lined up but will not be able to move in until September or October. I am wondering if anyone on this forum might have advice for folks in this situation.

* I have heard that some tenants in the building have normal leases, not subject to early termination, which run through September 2007. Can anyone confirm?

* Does anyone have knowledge of how flexible Cooper Square Realty has previously been in such situations?

* Worst comes to worst, what are the prospects for fighting and being able to hold out for an extra 5 to 6 months?