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February 4th, 2005, 10:35 AM
Hello guys.....

1. I'll go to NYC in summer. Where can I find there student jobs. In the summer I'll be onlu 17. Can I find a job.

2. Maybe I will go to school there. What kind of papers must I have? What is with the TOEFL? And what is when I'm not American. I'm from Serbia & Montenegro.

3. The public schools are free?

4. The Metro Card. Can I buy a card on the airport?

5. The best place to live? I think brooklyn. But Queens is also nice. Apartments are cheaper there.

6. Where can I buy very good pizzas and hamburgers?(near the Fort Green Park)

7. What do you think about Brooklyn Tech School?

8. And the last question. Can somebody post pictures from the Fort Green park?

Thanks guys.......I love NYC!!

February 4th, 2005, 12:02 PM
I think Brooklyn is a wonderful place to live.

Brooklyn Tech High School Website

School Background
Cited in an issue of the "U.S. News and World Report" as the fifth largest high school in the United States with a student population of 4700. Brooklyn Tech graduates each year the largest class in the New York City public high school system. We are a specialized high school. Student applicants from all five boroughs of New York City are admitted after having passed an entrance examination that measures their ability to confront the high standards of a rigorous curriculum in engineering, science, computers, technology and the humanities.

In its eighty year history, Brooklyn Tech boasts among its graduates Nobel Prize laureates, corporate executives, city and state elected officials, university recognized scientists, engineers, architects and educators, as well as noted leaders in business, finance, industry, publishing and the arts.

According to the latest statistical profile published by the New York City Board of Education, our student population is 17% Latino, 18% White, 32% Asian, 33% African-American. Approximately 45% are female and 55% are male.

Tech students represent a wide variety of racial, ethnic, geographic and economic groups and afford each other multi-cultural opportunities in an excellent atmosphere of cooperation and interaction. Coming from all parts of New York City students travel to Tech using the city's mass transportation system. Our average daily attendance rate frequently reaches 95%, among the highest in New York City.