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April 13th, 2005, 03:45 PM
I misread elsewhere in the forum and wrote a whole page on some scenic lines, then relaised my stupidity, so editied it out, so it is now here, so I didn't waste all my time.....

It's list of pictures from subway lines that have soemthing to see. It's kind rubbish too.

The 7 train runs underground in Manhattan all the way to Hunters Point Avenue in Queens (OT, but the LIRR station is overground though.....), and once it comes out of he tunnel (presuming you're heading towards Flushing Main Street), it rises above, onto an elevated track. Once out of Hunters Point Avenue, make sure you look for the graffiti - it is AMAZING. That's jsut before Court House Square, the next stop. The train then continues to bend around, until it runs directly over Queens Boulevard. nce it runs along the solid (it's not made of metal) bridge, there is Queens MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) , this is a temporary area for the art from teh MoMA in Manhattan, I have no diea whetehr it is open to visitors, maybe someone can advice, and you will see it on the rooftops, I think (but am not sure), near the 33rd St station. The train continues on eh elevated tracks alongs Queens Boulevard, over Sunnyside, then bends round and runds over Roosevelt Avenue. There are -tonnes- of shops, selling food etc... below, well worth a visit, as highlighted by the article. You can change trains if you need to at 74th St Broadway, where there are trains to Jamaica and LIRR at 61st. The shops generally stay open quite late, and it is easy to get hot food at this hour. After tht the train continues on elevated tracks, and apparently it goes underground at the last stop, Flushing Main St, howeer I have never taken it this far. There is generally a lot to see on this train once it goes into Queens...

http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0866.JPG - The 7 train in Sunnyside, Queens
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0870.JPG - The 7 train line in Woodside, Queens (you can see he I-278 bridge underneath in the distance)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0871.JPG - The 7 train line in Woodside, Queens
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0872.JPG - The 7 train line in Woodside, Queens
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0873.JPG - 74St-Broadway underground section of station

The 1 and 9 trains that run from Manhattan across to the Bronx are also pretty damn good if you want to see things. It runs overgorund from soomewhere (no idea where) i Manhatan, and continues overground to the Bronx. At the end of the line, there is Van Cortlandt par, which is quite nice, and has some old buildings in it.
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0952.JPG - The subway overground in The Bronx
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0935.JPG - Broadway Bridge looking from the Marble Hill side towards Manhattan (...island)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0935.JPG - Just after crossing Broadway Bridge looking a a shop in Marble Hill (right next to 225st)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0938.JPG - Broadway Bridge looking from the Marble Hill , near the Metro North station. The trains run on the upper deck, and cars on the lower deck.
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0952.JPG - A subway station along that line....

The F train runs overground in parts of Brooklyn, although I wouldn't regard it as scenic, you can see some good views of Manhattan, e.g. at Smith St-9th St., but it's not a great place to see such things, there are better things to do + views at certain stops on teh 7 train, where you can see the skyscrapers of Manhattan.
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0973.JPG - Looking towards Manhattan from Smith St staion in Broadway (with F train)

I had fun visitng Avenue U, with the mini-Chinatown, and taking the Q train, and evntually, you can see the sea! Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach then Coney Island.....
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN1068.JPG (http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN1608.JPG) - Amusements at Coney Island (taken from the Q Train)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN1069.JPG (http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN1609.JPG) - Amusements at Coney Island (taken from the Q Train)

TLOZ Link5
April 13th, 2005, 05:13 PM
Excellent pictures. Thanks.

April 13th, 2005, 06:22 PM
Good pictures. Looking towards Manhattan from Smith St station is my favourite one.

But I can see the ones from the Q train!

April 14th, 2005, 05:41 PM
Very generous of you to share....

June 9th, 2005, 05:43 PM
Great shot at Smith St!