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April 14th, 2005, 08:19 PM
Coming from the UK from a citiy, about the size of, say, Trenton, NJ, I didnt not have nmuch experience of "urban" life. So I thought, every guidebook is covered with pictures of the Chrysler, ESB, Statue of Liberty and the usual tourist rubbish....

and I'm not a big fan of anything touristy. On a trip to discover the real New York, and what makes New York, New York..... My visit in Feb was great, i totally enjoyed jsut going everywhere with a Metrocard, it was wonderful.

Here are some pics that are a little beat of the track, but without these things, would New York still be New York??

NOTE: Use the back button (pics are big, 1 MB + for some) Also, sorry if the pics are really boring or cheesy, I loved every moment I was in NY, and every moment taking these :)

http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0897.JPG - Police cars (Bronx)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0897.JPG - Police bikes on a truck (Bronx)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0907.JPG - School buses (Bronx)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0910.JPG - Bronx Terminal Market (Bronx)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0915.JPG - Buildings (Bronx)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0922.JPG - Beautiful artwork near Yankee Stadium (Bronx)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0924.JPG - A strange subway station (Manhattan)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0929.JPG - Coca Cola truck (Manhattan)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0940.JPG - Marble Hill, that strange bit of Manhattan on teh mainland (Manhattan)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0929.JPG - Coca Cola truck (Manhattan)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0971.JPG - Bryant Park (Manhattan)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0972.JPG - Bryant Park (Manhattan)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0973.JPG - A little bit of the Manhattan skyline (Brooklyn)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0982.JPG - A USPS Mailman (Brooklyn)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0989.JPG - 2 old Police cars somewhere near Red Hook (theres actually 3 if you look carefully, teh 3rd one came out of the garage later...) (Brooklyn)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN0991.JPG - A shiny new truck (Brooklyn)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN1003.JPG - Avenue U Brooklyn Chinatown (Brooklyn)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN1069.JPG - Coney Island (Brooklyn)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN1087.JPG - A cool looking shop in Coney Island (Brooklyn)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/DSCN1084.JPG - A Pontiac (Brooklyn)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/PICT1278.JPG - Cool wall mosaics (Brooklyn)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/PICT1370.JPG - A ride in a bus (Nassau)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/PICT1411.JPG - Times Square (Manhattan)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/PICT1483.JPG - Statue of Liberty (Hudson)
http://www.dnbimmigrant.com/files/pics_ny/PICT1485.JPG - Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge (Manhattan)
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April 17th, 2005, 06:40 PM
Great post! I really enjoyed your pictures.