View Full Version : Thoughts on our electric system and it's need for more juice

June 10th, 2005, 06:15 PM
The fuel surcharge here on Long Island has been raised once again because of our dependance on oil to run the majority of our power plants. High electric rates hurts everyone, and causes businesses to re-locate out oif the area. With fossil fuels expensive and in short supply, would you support re-starting the Shoreham nuclear plant on Long Island?
Long Island's electric rates are the highest in the nation because of the system's reliance on fossil fuels, and the importing of power to serve the island's growing electrical needs. Re-opening Shoreham would add almost 900MW to the grid. The problem is that it would cost alot of money to restart. LI paid for Shoreham to be built, then (foolishly) paid to have it shut down.
Wind energy is a nice alternative, but takes up a large area and does not nearly come close to producing the amount of power Shoreham would.
One thing that is absolutely foolish though is the hysteria over Indian Point. This nuclear power plant produces 2000MW, almost the bulk of the electric in the ConEd territory of NYC and Westchester. The environment around the plant is in very good shape with little adverse effects. Yet people want it shut down. Even though the plant is one of the strongest buildings in the world. The fuel and reactor are behind 2 sets of thick re-enforced concrete walls, which have been tested to withstand any natural or manmade attack. The chance of any radiation escaping is next to nill.
Shutting down Indian Point would take 2000MW away from the grid, and there would be frequent blackouts and brownouts in summer. Plus the electric rates would probably double. Are you ready to pay twice as much in electric?Shutting it down would put the whole power grid in our area at risk. Gas plants and wind energy do not produce as much power, and they too face opposition from NIMBYs. You probably would have to build over 5 square miles of wind turbines to make up for what Indian Point produces. Wind is fickle too, so you can't depend on a constant supply of power. And in those heat waves when power in needed most, the wind is often the lightest.
I care about the environment too. But I feel nuclear power, when handled in a safe, protected area, has the lowest impact. Fossil fuel plants have the most impact, contributing to air pollution.