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July 25th, 2005, 01:39 PM
The first issue of Wired New York newsletter was sent on 5/30/2001, over 4 years ago. Since then, there were 10 issues sent to subscribers. Currently, there are over 1,300 subscribers.

I would like to send the newsletter on a more periodic basis, at least once a month and perhaps as often as every two weeks.

To accomplish this, I need help with creating the newsletter. After 10 issues, I cannot claim that I am an experienced editor myself or that there is a certain style that must be adhered to. The content of the newsletter, the style and the way itís getting created may evolve over time.

So far, for people who do not visit Wired New York every day, Iíve tried to have some kind of summary of significant content updates on the website and forum Ė such as when new webcam started operation or Freedom Tower plans were released Ė but I will be happy to hear your ideas.

I presume that one can contribute in writing just one section of the newsletter Ė letís say compiling what was interesting happening in the forum discussions lately, or updates on real estate, or city life, or perhaps creating the whole issue.

Post in this thread or contact me with your ideas and suggestions.

Gregory Tenenbaum
September 26th, 2005, 10:10 AM
Happy to contribute Ed. Sounds like a great project.

I mean that man Murdoch needs a run for his money, yes yes?

How about a column on each part of town

Mid Town - business goss

Village - students culture vulture stuff

Upper - rich folks in nice apartments

Un Squ Pk - students and book nuts

etc etc

What do you think?

Then we start publishing it in Japanese, they love this kind of thing in Japan. I don't think Omaha has the same market.