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July 29th, 2005, 12:26 PM
Hey city peeps!

I'll be visiting NYC for the first time and would like to go to a good comedy club. Something like Jerry Seinfeld's. Can anyone recommend one in Manhattan?

I'll be on my own and would like to go to musicals. Will it be weird to go on my own?

Where's a good comic shop in NYC? I like stuff like "Strangers in Paradise" by Terry Moore.

I was thinking of going to Five Pointz / Phun factory to check out the graffiti. Is it worth it or is there a better place?

Thanks you guys! I'm looking forward to NYC where people speak English. I'm in China now.


July 29th, 2005, 12:57 PM
I think Caroline's in Times Square is the best with the top names in comedy. $25 cover - two drink minimum - they serve food. Reservations are recommended. You see two openers and then the headliner.

July 29th, 2005, 01:38 PM
Comedy Cellar - Macdougal about 2 blocks down from Washington Square Park.

If you go on a weekday, and find the internet site (I do not remember where it is) the cover is free.

2 drink minimum, but a small pitchjer is 2 drinks. A large is 4 drinks, and a large of something like Bass is only about $18.

the food was simple and decent, and the guys were funny. I WHOLE HEARTEDLY recommend it.

August 1st, 2005, 02:38 PM
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