View Full Version : Moving to nyc in septeber, need advice!

August 15th, 2005, 01:24 PM
Hey everyone,
i'm a newbie here, just joined.
I'm moving to nyc first week of september and i'm looking for a good rental.. I've done tons of research all over the net for the past few months.
What I need is some recommendations.
I'm looking for a 1 bdrm or junior one bedroom or studio/w home office.
I want to be in a hi rise lux building (preferably with a gym).
My max budget is 2200-2300.
I know there are problaby some places downtown where I could get something in that range but does anyone have any reccomendations? My preferred areas are midtown, gramercy, murray hill, tribecca, fd/battery park, or upper west/east up to 70th street so i'm pretty flexible.
Does anyone know of any good places offhand where I could get a 1 bed/junior/ or studio w home office in that range?
i've grown fond of this place called new gotham in hell's kitchen but can't get a hold of them...(i'm currently overseas). Any other ideas?
I really appreciate the help.

August 15th, 2005, 01:28 PM
One more thing...
there is this one building downtown that is a gut renovated building...i'm trying to figure out what building it is...I can only get pics of the outside adn it has a very gothic looking apprearfance with arches and what seem to be gargoyles...a lot of websites are offering units at that building but i would rather find out what it is and get it with no fee...does anyone know which buidling this is?
Again i'ts got a very gothic look to it, and it's supposedly just been gut renovated...it's gotta gym and the usual hi rise lux ammenties.

Also has anyone been to 90 Washington?
Any comments about it? Anyone live there?

Thanks again.