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October 28th, 2005, 05:23 PM
Anyone know how to get this damn thing off my computer? Whenever I click on a link or hyperlink from a search engine website, my browser automatically gets redirected to the home page of some bogus search engine called Morwill.com

October 28th, 2005, 09:11 PM
Check here (I don't understand it, but maybe you will):


October 28th, 2005, 10:12 PM
Thanks for the response and the link. I really don't understand it either, but from what I gather, it looks like if I show my HT log to a knowlegable computer person, they will be able to tell me what is infecting my computer. My only question is...what is an HT log, and how do I get one?

October 31st, 2005, 10:12 AM
It is called Hijack This and it is a program that pretty much logs all of your running and resident programs.

One other thing you can do, before doing that, is install these programs and give them a go:

Grisoft AVG

You may just have spyware, not an actual virus. give these a try and let us know how it goes.

October 31st, 2005, 10:25 AM
Thanks again for your responses, here's what happened:

I did some research over the weekend (not easy, since that Morwill screen kept popping up). I downloaded Hijack This and ran a log. Not having anyone to show it too, I did some searching on the internet and came across a forum kind of like this one, but maintained and visited by computer geeks. (for whom I have the utmost respect).

Anyway, someone who was having the same problem as me posted their Hijack This log and the expert told him which lines to fix to get rid of the problem. I found a similar line on my Hijack This, so I had the program fix it and now it's gone!!

I think you're right Ninja, I think it was Spyware. How do you suggest I protect myself from having this happen again?

October 31st, 2005, 11:17 AM
How do you suggest I protect myself from having this happen again?
Install anti-spyware program that always runs in the background. Symantec has this together with their anti-virus. If you have Windows XP, you can install the free Microsoft AntiSpyware (Beta).

October 31st, 2005, 02:47 PM
Thank you. I will install the free one when I get home to my computer later today.

October 31st, 2005, 03:56 PM
Stop surfing pr0n!

But seriously, look for different weird things when you are surfing. The less reputable site, the more chance of installing an activeX command or the like that will redirect your DNS (internet directions) so that their stuff keeps popping up when you want to go somewhere else.

Also, use the first two programs to scan your system from time to time to see if you have picked up any new baddies.

One other thing, symmantec has the antispy, but I think you have to pay for it. Grisoft has a gree antivirus program that may do a bit more for you (home use only!)

October 31st, 2005, 04:11 PM
Free anti-spyware software.
SpyBot (http://www.safer-networking.org/en/home/index.html)
You run it manually, as often as you like.

SpywareBlaster (http://www.javacoolsoftware.com/spywareblaster.html)
Once installed, it acts as a firewall to spyware.

I run #1 as a check of #2. Both have free updates to the database.

Change your internet options:
Download unsigned ActiveX controls - DISABLE
Download signed ActiveX controls - PROMPT