View Full Version : Good night, and good luck

November 26th, 2005, 10:44 PM
I just saw this George Clooney’s movie. Stylishly done in black and white, a lot of cigarette smoke, decent journalists fighting McCarthy. Well done, but in a self-contained way, and that's where I think the movie falls flat.

The major part of the movie revolves around the episode where the main character, Edward R. Murrow, speaks for the man discharged from the AirForce because his sister or father could be communists or simpathizers. And although in itself this is an honorable thing to do, the movie does not go much farther.

Seems like the standards for the journalists Clooney is using are somewhat low if Murrow is presented like best of the breed just for speaking up for someone discriminated against based on the views of his relatives.

Murrow declares that he believes that communism is wrong for his country, and not a flicker of interest is demonstrated in his middle-class mind as to why black people in the 50's could be interested in the communist ideas of equality.