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March 4th, 2006, 11:31 AM
Here's the premise:

You are a young enterpreneur,you have a few million to back you up and you are loosed on the Streets of New York to start a business.You must establish it,promote it,make it a success.Every New Yorker's dream,right?

Initially,you're restricted to a local neighborhood (The Village,actually) and if you are successful and build a profitable business,other areas of Manhattan open up to you and you can expand.There is a long list of establishnments for you to choose from--Bar,Bakery,Restaurants,Real Estate,Gallery,etc--and an equally long number of choices you can use to become a success--or to crash and burn if you make poor decisions.

If you master the game,you ascend to higher levels of play and ultimately become a Trump-like character,a collosus among collosi.
You win the Game of New York.You get to throw a huge concert in Central Park.The Virtual Beatles,maybe?

"Tycoon City:New York",Atari's brand new release,just arrived in the mail,and the few minutes I've spent exploring the game have been fascinating.This is where I'll be spending all my free time for awhile,I think.
For one important reason,mainly--the graphics will blow your mind!!!
Finally,a video game that delivers a Virtual New York to your flatscreen.The streetscapes are as convincing as home video from Uncle Bob's last visit to the Apple,and the architecture,street detail,traffic,crowded sidewalks and ad banners that bring life to the City's streets are carefully duplicated,in virtuality!!!
This is no game--it's a gift.

It is all there;the taxicabs are Fords,some pretty beat up,the ad logos on the skyscrapers are for actual companies (must have made millions for Atari's Product Placement Department) the veggies outside the food stores glisten with just-applied water,street vendors will sell you a sausage (one of the businesses you can choose from,by the way) and the buildings are all where they are supposed to be,in convincing scale and perspective.

Navigation around the city give you views of New York that are so THERE that it makes "Sim City" look like the 'Toon Town that it really is.

I can't wait to get into this game.I'm gonna open a bar in The Village,call it "Beer".Dylan will hang out there.

March 4th, 2006, 01:58 PM
I've been out of video and computer games for a while now.

But post some screenshots and just from your description it sounds like I might have to pic up this game.

March 4th, 2006, 02:14 PM
Visit some of the game sites,like ign.com ,tvg.com,or just Google "Tycoon City;New York" for reviews,screens,interactives,etc.
The game was released Feb 28th,so it is fresh.I got my copy from Amazon...$39 bucks.