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March 25th, 2006, 06:22 PM
Some great vintage NYC photos here ... hundreds of shots from the 1930's > 70's ...

Link to Nat Fein (1914 - 2000) Vintage Photography: http://www.vintagephotos.com/

Home of the Pulitzer Prize BABE RUTH PHOTO BY NAT FEIN. (http://www.vintagephotos.com/Nat%20Fein%20Babe%20Bows%20Out%20Page.htm) Personally signed by Nat Fein, these museum quality limited edition Estate Prints are created from the original negative. Historic images are available directly from the Nat Fein Estate to fine art collectors.

Nat Fein is world renowned for his compelling BABE RUTH image, as well as his insightful journalistic photography. A Press Photographer for the New York Herald Tribune for thirty-three years, Nat Fein is well known for his ability to capture the soul of a bygone New York City. He is the winner of the 1949 Pulitzer Prize and carries the distinction of having taken the most celebrated photograph in sports history (New York Times, 1992).