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May 5th, 2006, 11:38 PM
Hi, im going to West Islip New York at the end of June but I dont know how to get there.I live in Portland Maine and am going to take a train from here to Penn Station in NYC, but then what do I do? Can I hop on another train and head straight to West Islip? Do trains go there?

If anyone has any of these answers that would be great, thanks so much.

-Jared Anderson

May 6th, 2006, 12:34 AM

May 6th, 2006, 12:40 AM
Here's the LIRR page for ISLIP: http://www.mta.nyc.ny.us/lirr/html/ttn/islip.htm

MAP (http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?ovi=1&zoom=6&mapdata=qNCyos1mfP6iyigzvybcJY6VJM%2bbjwM7c%2fucNh KE%2f62syAhYP92vjfcJAZQ84faKQlKU4Uy%2bJDCWpmV2KSiE 8Qgxx7GwO6w74rnEw6lsRnF72aWnI0WeRcpR4MzcO54imi%2ba 9q6cVvhsICaHw12KEuIBqy7HxZThNGO136q96zpQaQ1rImVnVx qJOf5ayc3%2b1fmeC2eA2BJ0absEknCdqsHI3%2bLngCX%2b%2 fzkip7pupsmVAwosngJsBd4mUFJvYxFVDbkH46ucpg2ilxDR%2 fxvBlIC6jp3CFWXz8%2b%2fQtVkCT9wsAoqqXbizvmMrOY6OnY Sl9bPBoMd%2bkeKGXxfKnKnQjT4l6j6W5oceo5zJpDluKjTw4E OThG0hqRq%2bvIS2UlCqb4ohweNgWz32VPVFPcnpz%2bIHdhN6 pj9KeVapHhKNejOadjkQswqWWIqOZXWyVj6HWwcFII0x6NmIr% 2bzQLjQmEbq2KC1%2fneCb2vgETWjsa9EahZGIaq18snkB4YTl SnygrXPXjKaIvd8EtMh1KNlOuc7d8xHSn%2bsK%2bB%2f9Lpbs vtiXajnERWWnsx5OMZbnA0xfZSJjitl07bnXvebXeJsF9laY71 ZPpZpUdGSrWFWXLjGnJ0Ugny6Dm%2fIdvhIV3lHxYMJualgWLk GAmqTOnzrRguGEzgEUpXiap%2bLF58LfwGbS0scfjro1Z3s1Xi FjTrL7DfXzUXOoiEmvP1WT2p%2bA5gaGkMXsSSf51SMYK4NP3T f0mcl1fRmm%2fA%3d%3d#map1-link) showing Babylon / Islip area

Don't know that trains stop in WEST Islip.

Depending on where you're ending up a stop prior to Islip might be best.

May 6th, 2006, 09:52 AM
thank you, I will check this out.