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May 17th, 2006, 12:11 AM
Danae - one of the most celebrated works by Rembrandt, in Hermitage (http://www.hermitagemuseum.org/).

http://www.wirednewyork.com/spb/images/danae_rembrandt_hermitage.jpg (http://www.wirednewyork.com/travel/russia/)

May 17th, 2006, 12:14 AM

The painting was created in 1636 and reworked by the author ten years later. The myth of Danae had been popular from Antiquity and was taken up by such prominent artists as the Italian masters Correggio and Titian and the Netherlandish painter Jan Gossaert. Rembrandt's interpretation of the myth, however-distinguished by its depth and originality and incorporating a depiction of the female nude, which was exceedingly bold for 17th-century Dutch painting-is perhaps the most wonderful and striking in the history of art.
The Danae was acquired in France by Catherine II in 1772 for the Hermitage as part of the Baron Crozat collection, and was considered one of the consummate masterpieces in the Hermitage collection.

May 17th, 2006, 07:08 AM
A great painting and an admirable photograph.