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    Sarah Palin

    Do I see red circles from people poking at her with ten foot poles?!

    scumonkey September 16th, 2014, 05:20 PM Go to last post

    Sarah Palin

    You think so?


    Even the Post is going

    eddhead September 16th, 2014, 05:03 PM Go to last post

    The New York Jets

    So you can state unequivocally that if the timeout had not been called, and the touchdown pass stood up, tying the game, the Jets would have lost anyway?

    eddhead September 16th, 2014, 04:46 PM Go to last post

    The New York Jets

    I can definitely say the timeout was not the deciding factor because A) the Jets had plenty of other unsuccessful drives they could have scored on and

    GordonGecko September 16th, 2014, 04:14 PM Go to last post

    North Korea

    It wouldn't surprise me if it's true, but only one source is carrying this story. The rest point back to it.

    Dipshit Diplomacy notwithstanding,

    ZippyTheChimp September 16th, 2014, 04:13 PM Go to last post
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