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    A Joke, A Travesty, and the Destruction of Humanity

    As a resident of the area, I can only say this is a bad, bad idea. Maybe for you soulless bastards who think life is all about money, "setting aside an amount and a brand new apartment" would offset...
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    Who Can We Write to to Protest the New Arena

    Who can we quality of life Brooklyn residents write to to protest the planned arena? I'd love to have the Nets call Brooklyn home. But not at the already beaten down, overcrowded corner of Atlantic...
  3. Displacing Communities

    I used to live about three blocks from the rail yards that the arena would be built over -- I moved to another part of Brooklyn earlier this year. The surrounding neighborhoods of Ft Greene,...
  4. Nets at Flatbush & Atlantic? TERRIBLE IDEA

    I'm all for the Nets in my borough. But NOT at the proposed site, no way. It would be a total nightmare for the community, for the subway, and for Brooklyn in general.

    Have you ever been to...
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