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  1. Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    * The tower is coming together very nicely now. The fascade is beautiful, i cannot wait to see that metallic blue baby on the skyline when shes completed, i hope she has flood lights that show the...
  2. Promising sign at Milstein site

    that building will look beautiful from street level, but only if it were more visable to people across the rivers.
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    Hell's Kitchen Biltmore Tower

    great picture
  4. AOL/Time Warner Center

    sounds like a great idea to me
  5. Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    that was what i was thinking, just immagine if that was lit up in halogen blue. However, the top is glass will probably be lit up as a yellow beam, like Bear Sterns. Maybe they will do something like...
  6. Hearst Magazine Tower

    lol, i feel the project deserves more credit than it gets
  7. Hearst Magazine Tower

    ahha, lol, all the little loop holes
  8. Times Square Tower (10 Times Square)

    wow, Times Square is beautiful now in every angle you look at it. It has turned into such a beautiful area.
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    Tall Tower Near Ground Zero Is Proposed - 90 Stories

    yes well, i personally do not think the project will go through at least until 2006. It seems that there has been enough emphasis put on this project, its up to the downtown board on how they are...
  10. Hearst Magazine Tower

    what???????!!!!! That is pretty bad, i was hoping for 625 at least and possibly 700's. We will see how it turns out, it will be a bad project if it does not turn out as high as it was once supposed...
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    Is NYC. dirty?

    * *Well sinse our trash cans are full, that tells us that we are not a littering people. The deal about Detriot is that the people are too busy making cars to litter. Especially sinse Detroit is more...
  12. NYC's 3 Most Prolific Commercial Architects Since 1999

    true, we need buildings with flashy designs which are built in Asia. If we could create wonders like those with high efficiency levels, they would most likely be approved even with the protesting...
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    Tall Tower Near Ground Zero Is Proposed - 90 Stories

    I have heard that Davis is trying to push a fast approval from one of the lower members on the LMCB. He said that the board will most likely stall the construction until they officially plan out the...
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    2002 Project Review

    i do feel that we are on the nidst of another great era in the architecture world. We are back to building buildings over 800 feet again, which is always an accomplishment. However, the architecture...
  15. Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    ahhhhh, so true
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    Tall Tower Near Ground Zero Is Proposed - 90 Stories

    supposedly they are pushing for a fast approval, i have not heard anything sinse december 19th.
  17. NYC's 3 Most Prolific Commercial Architects Since 1999

    great info. i agree that we have a lot of great projects coming up in the near future. We have the midtown complex, FSM, Pfizer, NYTT, BBT, AOL TW Center, 237 Park, 10 TSQ and many others.
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    2002 Project Review

    that is true that most of them were bland black boxes, i feel the best decade in numbers of buildings were either the 60's or the 70's. I feel the best decade of innovation was in the period of 1925-...
  19. Guggenheim canceled

    i am glad they decided not to go through with that thing. It looked so bad that it is just not funny. It looked so disorganized and dishoveled. They hit a jackpot when they designed the original, but...
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    Midtown Manhattan: Under 400' of Water

    hey, its cool to see what is going to happen whenever the polar icecaps melt away
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    New York & All Its Glory

    yeah congrats
  22. Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    I am very excited to hear about this great news. The area could easily become a shopping mecca, especially with Bloomberg at the helm. Who knows what surprises he could scramble up
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    AOL Time Warner Center from a distance

    lol, i feel that the colors of the towers give the skyline a new look its not a sheet of black glass, its intriguing
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    Midtown Manhattan Height Map

    this is a really great map, *very informative, good job
  25. Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)

    yes it is an amazing pic
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