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  1. 8th & 14th corner rumour

    A rumour has circulated in the area that HINES DEVELOPMENT (erecting One Jackson Square) has now bought out the North Village Deli building on the southwest corner of 8th & 14th. They also bought the...
  2. One Jackson Square website now live

    Everyone, the site is now live, check it:
    The renderings are sharp and the views of how the bldg will fit into the context of the block and area are pretty cool.
  3. Only One Jackson

    The developer has finally posted initial marketing including a teaser website (no floorplan porn though, at least for now). Pics of site on the link:...
  4. Undulating Forward... just got greenlighted.

    Interesting fr that link is this:
    "The variance permits the project to not conform to existing...
  5. CONTEXT, CONTEXT, CONTEXT! (or I'm sick of brick)

    Hmm...I think the Greenwich Village Preservation Society should redirect some of its energy to more deserving projects. This is an empty parking lot after all.

    Why must new design be contextual? I...
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