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  1. Toxic mold cleared from Deutsche Bank building

    This is the worst possible scenario for DB. *

    The city inspector(s) must still pass EPA guidelines and inspection that the toxic mold "has been removed". *The EPA standards are even more stringent...
  2. Toxic mold cleared from Deutsche Bank building

    #8 is really Libeskind's Tower #5. *Yes...the massing is approx. the same but raising Liberty 130 is best and that is what Deutsche Bank wants but is fighting with its Insurance firms. *If it can get...
  3. Bloomberg Tower (Alexander Tower)


    Great cam view looking down on the site! *Really gives one an idea of the design and set backs. *

    Hopefully, the tower's height will be at least 850'...we will be waiting w/...
  4. Lincoln Center picks design team

    I still think we should try to get a message to Bloomberg, Pataki, LMDC, Libeskind and Foster to replace office towers 3 & 4 on Libeskind's plan with Foster's kiss towers! *It would be sensational! *...
  5. Times Square Tower (10 Times Square)

    Fabb...just responding to NYatKnight's comment about the bracing being visible as a liner note below one of the photos. *

    Hopefully it will be very visible...
  6. Future tower for Bank of America

    Corporate or NYC headquarters...who cares? *As long as Silverstein secures them as a major lease holder in Office tower 1 connected to the Garden tower!!!
  7. Times Square Tower (10 Times Square)

    I agree...the facade is of the best especially with the variety of shapes and patterns! *Good news w/ the cross bracing showing through the glass as well.

    I also love the color of...
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    425 Fifth Avenue

    I, like the others, can now see the photos...very nice.

    I agree w/ you both Stern and JMGarcia. *The white vertical lines are too stark...should be a "softer" complimentary color that blends more...
  9. AOL/Time Warner Center

    Yes...the server site he posted them on is now working.
    I can see them just fine and they are great photos!

    Notice how the glass facade, in bright daylight, is bluer, brighter and it appears gray...
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    425 Fifth Avenue

    I hate to be repetiticous but can't see your images NyatKnight...

    (Edited by diVinci at 12:21 pm on Mar. 11, 2003)
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    The Four Season Illuminated

    Oh...damm...not able to see your images NYatKnight...

    Am I the only one and if so clue me in on how to access them.
  12. AOL/Time Warner Center


    Is it me...or are none of the images opening?
  13. Midtown construction photos

    Wow...Wiseguy205...those last 3 photos are terrific!

    I, too, am pleasantly surprised w/ how nice the glass facade is looking! *Child's SOM, as usual, makes a plain glass tower look much better...
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    Gardens taken out of the "garden" tower

    Incorporate both the gardens & broadcast tower!

    Do both...keep the gardens on a more limited scale...2 stories each of the 5 different zones...10 stories total. Have restaurants dedicated to 2...
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    Libeskin Modification *- pics

    JMGarcia!!!! or anyone!!!

    Get to work!!! *Add the Foster towers to the Lots C& D where the two new towers (3 & 4) are on the eastern edge in your pics 1 & 4! *As we know, other architects may...
  16. Quick Survey: *Your Predictions

    JMGarcia informed me that...

    he would try to add Foster's kiss towers to Libeskind's plan and replace the fifth tower w/ the 3rd tower and increase the height of the tallest two crystal towers and...
  17. Quick Survey: *Your Predictions

    Definitely Libeskind...w/modifications

    The modifications being:

    1. More height for the two tallest crystal towers i.e., 1450 ft. and 1250 feet (buildings on lots A & B on the Libeskind plan),...
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    Worthy transit improvements

    I agree w/ JD. *New York must step up to the plate and invest MAJORILY in its transportation infrastructure for the 21st century i.e., upgrade & expand all three NYC metro airports, subways,...
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