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    Politics and Penn

    "Any city gets what it admires, will pay for, and, ultimately, deserves. Even when we had Penn Station, we couldn't afford to keep it clean. We want and deserve tin-can architecture in a tinhorn...
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    Oprah vs Gay Hookers

    Really pathetic that Oprah and her not so strung out druggie writer created such outrage and media attention but no one seemed too concerned last year when L-w hired a gay male Ho to come to White...
  3. Kiss your automat good bye.

    I signed the petition but the Landmarks Commision is a joke. They didn't give a rat's A about the Plaza Hotel, which has been raped and pillaged by those Vile Elad people, so I don't think they are...
  4. Rape and Pillage of the Plaza

    Actually I wrote the letter that he posted and it is 100% true. The public spaces were landmarked but that Vile Miki Naftali of Elad Properties only sees $ signs. They could care less about the...
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